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2019s Mobile App Trends

2019s Mobile App Trends

When it comes to the history of mobile app development, 2017 and 2018 were vital years. Before, companies might consider investing in applications, but now apps have become the cornerstone of sensible money investments. The conceptual vision of this area has changed due to high demand for mobile apps. Companies have gained excellent opportunities to increase sales and acquire new customers. Specifically by recognizing app trends and adapting their business strategies accordingly. 

In 2019, mobile development is in the midst of areas that are developing instantaneously. What’s more, according to many experts, these app trends will only increase. 

The Direction of Mobile App Trends

As of 2019, the following are primary mobile app directions: 

  1. Social networks
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Gaming
  4. Shopping

There are many functions for which apps are used. One of them being branding. Officials of dining and hospitality businesses, banks and trading companies are actively using apps to form their public image.

Another important function of modern mobile apps is the growth of company interaction with its customers. For example, direct marketing. By marketing to a customer’s specific needs, the result is an increase in sales and profits.

Popular App Trends to Follow:

  1. Rapid Speed
  2. Gratification on Demand
  3. “Smart” Stuff
  4. The Cloud

Let’s break these trends down a bit.

Rapid Speed App Trend

The trend of developing rapid-speed mobile pages is growing faster than ever. The turning point for this trend was that Google presented the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project to the public. Thanks to this technology, the load speed of pages on mobile devices have accelerated. Google has also noted that they’ll be providing a search index specifically for the mobile network.

This is a move that will lead to abstract and creative changes in the mobile app world. Accelerated pages will make certain that web applications run quicker, no matter the device. Ultimately, the failure rate should decrease.

Gratification on Demand App Trend

These are specific applications that precisely relate to customer needs. Customer needs are typically associated with these services: 

  1. Product Delivery
  2. Taxi/Rideshare
  3. Cleaning
  4. Laundry
  5. Beauty

People consistently use these types of apps to meet their needs. In doing so, their benefits come in the form of speed, convenience, and serviceability. These features give reason to state that this trend will be around in the future.

“Smart” Stuff App Trend

The prefix “smart” is becoming more significant as smart devices are rapidly developed. They function in many unique ways.

For example, “smart” security systems along with speakers, TVs, and lighting. By syncing these devices to a mobile app, they can improve a home’s productivity through enhanced ability. Ultimately providing people with greater convenience.

Also, smart home products and systems provide people with a sense of security. Especially because managing and monitoring multiple devices is simply done by checking your smartphone. 

Another example would be the ability to adjust the thermostat, review surveillance footage, program lighting, and more. And all without having to leave work (or the bed, for that matter).

The Cloud

Modern mobile app development automatically provides cloud management. These technologies make it possible to easily use data without involving the internal memory of the smartphone.

As experts have indicated, apps based on cloud computing are significant in the sense of information security. This is essential for business users who fear data leaks. Not only does the Cloud protect the personal data of employees, but it also shields them from risks. 

As You Can See…

Based on these few trend facts above, we can confidently predict one thing: These mobile app trends are becoming a priority for many modern companies. Because mobile apps are an important direction for enhancing the brand image and expanding the target audience. 

People consistently order food and cleaning services via mobile apps, as they learn important information for themselves. Accordingly, companies take into account such user interest to better target and indulge their customers.

By understanding these trends, companies have gained up-to-date opportunities and can better analyze the performance of their business strategies.

Find An Expert App Development Company

And what’s more, those opportunities can be given to you by finding an expert development company. 

Are you ready to develop your own mobile app? Before you do, find a reliable app developing company, such as Bluestone Apps. With over 23 years of experience and over 300 mobile apps developed, Bluestone Apps has your solution. If you would like to learn more about our process, or if you have questions about our services, please contact our team in Knoxville, TN at (615) 209-9680 for a free initial development consultation. Call today!

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