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3 Common Features of Successful Mobile Apps

3 Common Features in Successful Mobile Apps

Millions of mobile apps are uploaded on different app stores every year. Naturally, everyone expects their mobile app to be successful in the App Store. Every time a new mobile app idea is born, people see it as the next big thing. But the truth is only a few become successful mobile apps.

You see, the main reason apps fail is users don’t connect to them. Actually, a large number of mobile apps fail to engage users due to many factors. However, there are some trendsetting apps with a record number of downloads. And there are a few common features between them.

Let’s discover the 3 common features in successful apps.

1. Successful Mobile Apps Have a Seamless User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

One major factor that can help your app gain popularity is its user interface. As a matter of fact, every year a large number of apps fail to impress users. Why is this? The failed apps lacked a well-designed user interface and could not offer a great user experience.

Your mobile app can’t make it big without a user interface that impresses with its smooth features. And there are too many app options in the app store. Therefore, users won’t think twice before deleting an app without stunning UI & UX. This is why a lot of research and work goes into the psychology of app users. It’s all to create a successful mobile app that users will enjoy.

2. Successful Mobile Apps Utilize App Store Optimization

App development companies and independent developers typically don’t follow optimization basics when uploading onto app stores. This neglect is costly to the mobile app due to a lack of users and search engine success.

Your best bet is to simply write an app description with in-depth details. Likewise, it’s features and specific keywords should be referenced for optimization. Because your app won’t see a million downloads unless properly exposed to the App Store and online searches. 

It’s easy to make your app visible on the App Store and through online searches. It just takes a little common sense and writing effort. Rewardingly, these changes can help push your app towards that million download mark.

3. Regular Updates & Bug Fixes

No app is worth a million dollars overnight. In fact, any successful app climbed the chart slowly with a little “word-of-mouth”. And one of the best ways to get positive reviews is to regularly update your app. 

Updates can be done in response to user feedback. Especially those asking for improved app functionality. Regular updates take your app to a new level while gaining user appreciation. A regularly updated app is less likely to be deleted or replaced by similar apps.

Another thing to keep in mind is bugs. Bugs are the most irritating part of app development. Developers must be sure their apps are bug-free and offer a seamless experience to their users.

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