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7 Reasons to Get a Mobile App Built

If you have a small business and don’t think you need to get a mobile app built, think again. Applications aren’t just for banks and big businesses anymore. In fact, more small and medium sized companies are beginning to follow the trend.

Moreover, many small businesses you love, be it your favorite coffee house or the new restaurant downtown, are incorporating them into their business model. These businesses really are a step ahead when it comes to marketing.

According to Bluestone  mobile apps are perfect for any size business.  Still not convinced? Below are a few reasons you need to get an app built.

A Mobile App is Always Visible

Research indicates that Americans use mobile devices more than desktops and laptop computers. In fact, people all over the globe prefer mobile apps to mobile responsive websites. In addition, your mobile app logo is always in the face of the user. Don’t forget that your mind records pictures, especially when text is included.

A Direct Marketing Channel

Applications are used for many things. Mobile apps provide general information, pricing, forms, accounts, feeds, search features and so much more.

Mobile apps provide a tremendous amount of information to clients and customers and with push notifications. With push notifications your fans and followers will be able to utilize your products and services immediately.

A Mobile App Provides Value

If on hand info isn’t enough, applications also provide subscribers with loyalty programs. Forget about old school point collection cards. With a digital loyalty program you are making it possible for your users to collect rewards via the application.

Bluestone explains that digital loyalty programs give your clients rewards, but that’s not all. Digital loyalty programs also mean more downloads and more sales.

Build Your Brand

One of the biggest advantages of a mobile app is brand recognition. With a mobile application you are contributing to your brand.

You are contributing because your app is a big giant billboard waiting for your ad allowing you to do anything with your new marketing tool. You can make it functional, trendy, stylish or informative.

Better for Customer Engagement

No matter what you are selling your customers and clients need some way to get in touch. Ask Bluestone about a help desk or messaging feature for your new mobile app. A help desk within your application is a time and money saver.

For example, other than calling a hotel for a reservation, you can book a room with under five clicks on a platform that has a built in help desk.

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Mobile App

Small businesses are still less likely to have a mobile app. That is why making the leap ahead of the competition makes good business sense. Best of all, it won’t take you a year to get there.

With Bluestones Idea to App™ your new mobile app will be in the stores in just 90 days. That’s right, in 90 days you will be able to provide your clients with better customer service. What more could you ask for?

If you would like to get a mobile app built, call or send a direct message and schedule a chat with Bluestone Apps.

You can make it happen. Send a direct message today.

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