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A Mobile App Makes a Real Difference

When it comes to marketing you want a team who does it all. You want a team that can update your responsive website and your mobile app.

No mobile app you say? No problem, when you work with Bluestone Apps you can get an app built in just ninety days.

A Mobile App Helps Business

If you are asking yourself why you need to get an app built you haven’t been paying attention as apps are now used more than websites.

Did you know that on average people check phones about 58 times every day? That adds up to about about three hours and 20 minutes each day.

That’s a lot of time spent on phones and if you are wondering where they are going, most are going to mobile apps.

Because the mobile app logo stays on the phone and is available the second the person looks at the device you are in the minds of those who have downloaded your application. It’s like free advertising every single day.

A Custom Made Mobile App

If you follow the Bluestone blog you will also remember that well designed mobile apps, which is what you will get from this design and development team, perform quicker and store data locally. That means retrieval happens much quicker on a mobile app.

A Brand New Experience

Because a mobile app is different from your website you can offer new experiences to users.

In other words you can experience and add new styles of branding to your application which can differ from your regular company brand or the business altogether.

With Bluestone you can even transition to a totally new brand using your custom made mobile app. Furthermore applications allow users to personalize and customize the application.

More Functions with Applications

Bluestone Apps explains that mobile websites must still depend on a browser for simple functions relying on the refresh and back button along with the address bar to function.

With applications there are none of these restrictions. Bluestone Apps custom makes apps with elaborate features such as hold, pinch, drag, swipe and tap.

Simple to Use

This agency can’t stress how easy it is to communicate with clients as mobile apps are instant.

Back in the day companies relied on email to get the message across and while this type of communication is still viable it is not as fast as a mobile app.

Thanks to in app notifications users receive notifications regardless of what they are doing on their device. This means you really are in the hearts and minds of your clients and customers 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Bluestone Mobile Apps

If you would like to get a mobile app built send a message. Bluestone can help you get there in just three months.

Schedule your appointment today.


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