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A Step Ahead with Mobile Apps

Digital marketing and mobile apps can help expand your reach regardless of what your company sells. This is imperative in today’s climate.

The business world is a competitive one, especially if your company is part of a large industry. Even if you have been doing what you do for decades it can be tough to stay on top of your advertising game when everyone else seems to be one step ahead.

Mobile Apps Work

Bluestone can help you get back on top with conventional and digital marketing methods that you won’t find from other design and development brands. These methods include mobile apps, software design, marketing and mobile responsive websites.

Applications are advantageous as they utilize features already on your phone, tablet or wearable. For example, you can use take pictures, get where you need to go and make phone calls thanks to the convenience of mobile apps.

Working for You

Mobile apps reduce user efforts by shortening task time. Furthermore, applications boost conversion rates.

With all of the advancements available responsive websites still need to have a browser to complete basic functions. Moreover, responsive websites also depend on the refresh and back button along with the address bar to function. Custom built mobile applications aren’t like that and are not restrictive.

When the mobile app agency designs your app there are several elaborate features that you won’t find on your mobile responsive website. Some of these gestures include dragging, swiping, tapping, holding and more.

Branding Mobile Apps

If you have been following this design and development blog you will recall that websites are distinct from mobile apps in that they offer users a new experience.

This means you and your team can experiment with other styles of branding for your new tool. It can be similar or completely different from what your website is telling your fans and followers.

With out of the box thinking and Bluestone Apps you can have your new application designed to transition into a totally unique brand style. That out of the box thinking also includes customization and personalization of the mobile app.

Mobile Apps and Branding

If you are a fan of Bluestone you will remember that users spend more time on mobile apps than websites.

With that being said you know that those same users are coming in contact with your app everyday if it is installed on their mobile device.

Regular encounters are an excellent way to up your bottom line as your users get to say, “Good morning,” to your brand and your app every single day.

Even when people aren’t using mobiles apps they are constantly reminded with your brands icon. It’s like having a mini billboard for your company.

Makes Life Easier

As you can see mobile apps just make life easier. Getting one built can also make life more lucrative for your business.

Find out what Bluestone Mobile Apps can do for you and have a chat. You will be amazed at how affordable apps are. You will be even more amazed at how quickly you can get an app built.

Send a direct message and find out more today.

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