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Bluestone Mobile Apps for Business

If you have been considering mobile apps for business now is the time to do something about it. Bluestone has been helping people live their dreams with incredible applications that change people’s lives.

Some of the most popular mobile apps had to start somewhere and with a great mobile app to support your business you could take the world by storm.

It really is no longer a question. Mobile apps work just as well as mobile responsive websites. In some cases, they work even better.

Why Mobile Apps Work

1. Intuitive Interface

Mobile apps offer users an intuitive interface. This makes it simple to finish tasks enabling the user to become fully involved in the experience.

Being able to complete tasks both offline and online makes mobile apps a good choice for your business.

2. Mobile Apps Device Capabilities

According to Bluestone Apps, half of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile phones, tablets and wearables.

In fact, 2020 saw mobile devices, with the exception of tablets, generate nearly 52 percent of all web traffic. That number will only continue to grow with the popularity of mobile apps for business.

3. Built in Features for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps access GPS, cameras and location. By leveraging your marketing, you can automatically use location data and GPS to send flyers and coupons for those who are specific to a certain area. This means you can target your customers according to geographic location.

4. A New Channel of Engagement

Mobile apps allow you to offer your customers great value using a new platform to engage. Instead of reading the same text over and over again, mobile apps have the ability to integrate features.

For example, Instagramers can see photos on the site, but aren’t able to upload without the mobile app. Mobile apps make a huge difference when it comes to client experience.

5. Better Customization Opportunities

Mobile Apps for business allow people to set preferences from the beginning. This means the minute they download the app, they are able to customize it for their needs.

Mobile apps also track engagement. This makes it simple to offer customized updates and recommendations. A functional app has all of the customization options and more.

6. Working Offline

If you follow the Bluestone Blog you will know that working offline is a huge plus. Mobile apps have the ability to work offline because they can run without the net.

While most mobile apps for business require the internet for most tasks, they also offer functionality and content when offline. This means users have access to some information 24/7.

Applications for the Win

Still not convinced a mobile app is good for your business? Give Bluestone a call or send a direct message and find out more about mobile apps for business.

You’ll quickly learn that applications can do wonders for business. Call or send a direct message today.

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