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Considering a Mobile App for Business?

If you have been considering a mobile app for android phones you need to work with an expert. A team of android app developers who understand the difference.

When you hire Bluestone Android App Developers and Bluestone iOS apps developers you are going with a team who truly has your best interests at heart. Whatever type of app design you have in mind, Bluestone will make sure it happens.

Mobile App Program Language

Android mobile apps are built with Kotlin and Java while iOS apps are built using Swift. The difference between the two is the the iOS app development using Swift doesn’t require as much code.

This makes iOS apps faster than Android apps. In addition, Swift also enables high interaction interfaces.

With that being said, the platform is limited. Java may be a better solution if you want to cross platform your mobile app.

Mobile App Design Differences

The biggest difference is probably design. iOS design principals are different than Android designs as they are made for limited screen variations, resolutions and sizes.

This means fewer devices. Android developers need to adapt design strategies for every screen size and device.

Differences also include user engagement and experience. When developing for iOS vs Android, Bluestone Apps pays close attention to:

  • Navigation Placement and Color
  • Menu Placement
  • Pop Up Notifications
  • Back Button Use

If you follow the Bluestone Blog you will remember how crucial sense of flow is to the overall mobile app design. If it isn’t seamless and easy to use people won’t stick around for very long.

Make a Better Mobile App

Everyone wants to build a better mobile app, an application that gets the message across and an app that just could go viral.

Bluestone Mobile Apps have been helping hundreds of large and small businesses get and keep more customers and clients with professionally built mobile apps. Fresh and unique mobile applications that are right on trend.

Android or iOS

If you are still unsure what type of mobile app to build for your business ask the experts. Because Bluestone has been doing this since the beginning they will know the best direction for you and your company. You will never be given the wrong advice when it comes to what type of app you are going to build.

Types of Apps

In addition to Android or iOS you will have to decide on the type of app that you want to design and build. Still no clue, Bluestone Apps will help with that as well.

The team really is with you all the way when it comes to Android and iOS mobile app development. Call or send a direct message for more information today.

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