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Emergency Vet Finder App Case Study

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What is the Emergency Vet Finder App?

The Emergency Vet Finder App is here to help you find veterinarians located in the United States, at a moment’s notice. It’s super easy to use and efficient, you can simply search for your veterinarian either by city and state or by zip code. You can also search for a veterinarian based on your device’s current GPS location.

The overall goal of the Emergency Vet Finder App is to help you help your pets get the care and attention they need and deserve. We want your pets to live their longest, healthiest and best lives. Emergency Vet Finder App puts you at the center of your pets’ health needs by seamlessly connecting you with the best pet care professionals near you - making it easier to be the top-notch pet parent that you are!

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iOS & Android

All Animals Deserve Care & Attention

  • Cats

  • Birds

  • Reptiles

  • Horses

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    Small animals

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The Emergency Vet Finder App Provides


Reminders, Messages, To-Do’s

Sync reminders and add custom to-do’s to your calendar.



Add and quickly view your pet care professionals in one place (veterinary clinics, grooming facilities, boarding, pet daycare, and more).


With Emergency Vet Finder App’s 24/7 appointment request tool, your chosen veterinarian is always just a few finger-taps away.


Medication Requests

Easily and conveniently request medications for your fur babies.

Download The Emergency Vet Finder App Today!

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The Emergency Vet Finder App will guide you in discovering a list of veterinarians that are closest to you in your time of need. You’re able to search for local veterinarians by city, state, zip code, destination and even nearby points of interest. Each result will display the veterinarian’s address, distance, phone number, website, as well as daily opening and closing schedules. If you happen to be offline, you’re still able to view your latest saved searches without the need for an internet connection.

Emergency Vet Finder App is available for iOS and Android on Google Play and the App Store.