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Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps

You have had enough of gym contracts and trainers and searching for the perfect exercise regiment online. You can explain fitness better than anyone out there possibly could but getting your own fitness regiment ideas off the ground can be tough. So you decide that the best way to do it is to make one of the best fitness apps, but you have no idea how to make one. That is where Bluestone can help you.

Fitness apps are extremely popular in these days of smartphones and the internet. Whether they’re looking for a how to guide of what weights to lift that day, something to keep track of how far they’ve been running, or just a way to monitor their general health smartphone users love their fitness apps. It is a way to keep track of their exercise on their phone and even give them tips on how to exercise.

At Bluestone we can help you make the perfect fitness app. It’s time to stop telling everyone that you could be an incredible trainer and show everyone. Work with us to develop the perfect app that everyone will put on their phone to help them exercise.

Now comes a crucial decision though. What kind of fitness app are you going to make? Well that really depends on what kind of fitness market you are aiming to build your app towards. Exercise is a lot like other studies in life. Very few excel in everything so it is best to specialize in a certain area.

Try to have a variety

No matter the kind of exercise you choose you’re going to want to have it be versatile and something that can appeal to a lot of people in that category at once. The larger the appeal of your app the more people will download and try it. The more people download it the more reviews you get. If those reviews are positive then your app will improve even further.

This is why it’s always a good idea, especially in fitness, to have an app that has mass appeal. Even if you choose to centralize on just a specific area of exercise as long as it contains a mass appeal then you in theory should do well.

This does not mean that niche fitness apps cannot sell. Many people enjoy their niche fitness routines, but it has to have a thriving community. Not everything will have that, but it is helpful to let your idea be something that can capture a wide net of downloaders.

Bluestone will do our best to help you create the perfect app for this. We can help you design it, explain why we build certain parts of it the way we do and make your future fitness app one of the best looking on the app store. You would be amazed at how many apps have layouts that are nightmares to use and downloaders bounce off immediately. We won’t let that happen to yours.

Weight Lifting

The key to being a successful weight lifter is to have a routine that you follow consistently, but also having enough new workouts in there to keep it relatively fresh. Otherwise your body may plateau. When creating a fitness app you need to keep this in mind when we help you design it.

It helps to have multiple kinds of lifting goals in the routine. Are they experienced? Inexperienced? Are they trying to build muscle for size or to stay lean and build tone? Making sure to hit these different kinds of exercises will help your app become more successful because it will appeal to a larger audience.

For example, you could start off with a general weight lifting app that gives users a basic routine to follow every week. It helps them focus on gaining muscle throughout the body and has daily regiments for what exercises they will perform that day. You have a basic, intermediate, and advanced course and it’s a smash hit success, but more people want something a little more intense.

With your new successful app you can now build an even more elaborate fitness app for users that want to hardcore focus on certain areas of your body. So then you can build out even more fitness apps. One for legs, one for core, and one for upper body. Now all of those previous downloaders have even more options and they know it comes from a successful source.


Runners swear by fitness apps, because they can help monitor their time, distance, and sometimes even help them get in shape in the first place. Couch to 5K apps are extremely popular because they’re naturally built to help users become better runners. They time you, monitor how far you have run, and help you steadily increase your pace and distance until you too are a 5K runner.

That’s just one example of a popular kind of runners app, but there are more about increasing your pace so you run faster or further, and some people just want something that will tell them how far they ran and how quickly they did it. Everybody’s needs in a runners app are different so this is an area where it might be okay to be a little more niche.

The key to a good runner’s app however is just making sure it works in the first place. Runners want something they can listen to in the background of their run and accurately measure their time and distance. If the app crashes when music or podcasts are played, or if the distance isn’t accurate, then users are going to go find a new app that gives them more of what they want.

Bluestone can help you design an app that will fit these needs. Come to us with your idea and explain how you want it to work. We’ll handle the rest. Once your app for running is finished you will be able to happily run to your heart’s content without worry of technical problems getting in the way of that perfect running regiment you have created.


Yoga is great for anyone that wants a low intensity workout, but many people that want to get into Yoga don’t even know where to start. What yoga positions should they use? What’s the proper way to breathe while they perform those positions?

Yoga apps can come in a lot of different forms. If you want to create a daily Yoga that comes up with a new set of Yoga positions for a workout every day then you can do that, or you could just create a compiled list of yoga positions for people to try. Give the freedom over to the user. It all depends on what you want to create and offer.

A way to make sure your fitness app hits the right Yoga vibes is to have a design idea in your head that fits the Zen mindset that many Yoga users are looking for. When you open your Yoga app you want something that is going to work well of course, but if it also gives off a calming presence then even better.

At Bluestone we can help you design that perfect Yoga app for everyone that just wants to chill out and relax with some nice exercise. Whatever your design idea we can help you make it a reality.

Contact Us For Your Fitness Apps

Bluestone Apps has been around since 2011 and our work speaks for itself. Our ability to build Native, Hybrid, and PWA apps proves we’re versatile for whatever app you are seeking out. We can give you not only advice, but a plan for how to turn your idea into one of the best Fitness Apps out there. Soon you’ll see it at top of the App Store.

If you want to know more then call us at 615-209-9680, email us to or use our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Let’s do great things together!


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