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Getting an App Built is it Worth It?

If you are still up in the air when it comes to getting an app built do some research. According to Bluestone more companies are having applications built with less relying on mobile responsive websites.

Of course, having a mobile responsive site and an application is the best of both worlds. With that being said if you have a budget to consider you may be better off getting an app built.

Why an App Might Be Better

Getting an app built will give you better personalization when it comes to your products and services. In addition, a new type of marketing for your company just might give your brand the boost it needs.

It’s a Personal World

People love being addressed personally. For example, mobile apps allow users to create profiles based on gender, location, age, likes and dislikes. That doesn’t happen with a website.

The minute people download your app fans and followers are able to set preferences with customized content. Mobile apps also have the ability to track and offer personalized updates and recommendations.

The More You Know the More You Grow

Mobile applications have the ability to identify user location in real time providing specific content linked to the geographic location. However, UE, or user experience, isn’t the only purpose when it comes to personalization.

With this development team you are getting an app built that will also give you a higher chance of conversion when you offer personalized content as it gives users a more personal touch.

Sending Notifications is Easy

Email has been the way of the world for over twenty years with some companies abusing the most popular way of communicating. As a result, email is not as effective as it used to be with click rates dropping daily.

In app and push notifications are the modern way to talk with users and best of all, both are far less intrusive.

With in app notifications your audience will only receive a notification when the app is open. Push notifications means users can receive messages regardless of what they are up to on the device.

Getting an App Built and Working Offline

One of the biggest advantages of a mobile app is working offline. While some apps may not work completely unless there is an internet connection, applications are still able to offer basic functionality and content offline.

Although mobile websites will cache information, without a connection, they only supply users with limited functions.

More Time on Mobile Apps

Bluestone explains that users spend 88 percent of time on apps and only 12 percent on mobile responsive websites. That is a huge reason to talk to this design company about getting and app built.

Before you start the process do some research as to where your clients and customers spend time as this will enable you to determine what type would be best when it comes to getting an app built.

Bluestone for the Best there Is

If you would like more information have a chat with a team member from Bluestone Apps. These days your business just may fare better with a mobile app.

Talk to Bluestone today.

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