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GPS Delivery Tracking

Manage and Track Deliveries, Vehicles, Drivers and Tips. All from one easy to use Company Dashboard.

GPS Tracking Delivery system is a platform for delivery and transportation companies to manage their delivery vehicles and drivers with real-time tracking.

Company management can view the location of all their vehicles all at the same time. Each fleet vehicle displays their current location, including during movement.

Driver availability status is displayed with info link to delivery history, driver statistics, vehicle statistics and current route schedule.

Alert and messages can be sent to a specific driver, or the entire fleet.

Vehicle can be grouped into fleet sub-groups and viewed by sub-group.

Services Offered:

Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics, Marketing


iOS, Android

The GPS Delivery Tracking System

Companies with several vehicles out on the road at the same time now can manage their entire fleet. Drivers and vehicles are within view from anywhere in the world. Managing routes and deliveries just became easy and under control.

Realtime Locations

View the locations of all your vehicles at any time

Delivery Bookings

Schedule deliveries and drivers for later, or On Demand for now to available drivers.


Driver History

View the delivery history and statistics of any driver, anytime


Use the Rider app to accept payments for deliveries or rides.


Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle are tracked real-time. In motion or parked.


God's Eye view

View all your vehicle on a map real time. Zoom in or out for selected areas.


Driver stats

View statistics of each driver.
Time driving, number of deliveries, miles, and more

Rideshare app

On Demand
& scheduled deliveries

Schedule future deliveries, on demand, or a combination of both


Rider app for transport

If your are transporting people, use the rider app to collect $ & book rides



Booking, payments, user profiles, smart maps, and more!

GPS Delivery Tracking - Overview of Features

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- Driver/Vehicle GPS Tracking

- Driver app alert of new deliveries

- Company overview of all vehicles locations realtime

- Scheduled and On Demand Driver Bookings

- Driver GPS Tracking live enroute

- Driver "Available" "Not Available" options

- Driver ride history

- Driver history (rides, vehicles, online time)

- Rider app available

-- Book ride (on demand or scheduled)

-- Pay in app (as on Uber) - Leave tip for driver, rate driver

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