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Growth Marketing


Growth marketing is a system of conceptualizing and conducting experiments to improve the results of a targeted demographic using the optional add-on categories below.


Social Media Marketing

As the presence of social media platforms is increasing, adding social media marketing to your marketing process can be advantageous. We are aware that targeted user and non-targeted user interactions can increase awareness about your project using social media platforms. Therefore, you can feel confident knowing that Bluestone Apps is capable of enhancing your business's visibility and expansion through implementing social media marketing for your app or website.


Content Management

Successful marketing efforts are in part achieved by the incorporation of appealing content. If you are interested in content management, we can help you create engaging content that continuously and seamlessly promotes your business. With written and visual selections showcasing your project, the content that Bluestone Apps can contribute to your marketing needs would align your vision of your app or website with how it is received by your audience.


Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization, the descriptive marketing of your project is paramount, which is why this is one of the main marketing services we offer. SEO is the general process of driving increased traffic to discover and interact with your project through use of specific terms and descriptors. The top priority for us is ensuring that the most optimal keywords are included so that your targeted audience gains quick awareness of and easy access to your app or website.


Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing makes it possible for users with all types of technology to access your project, and we provide this as one of the growth marketing options from which you can choose. We realize that having more than one method of marketing your project allows your project to reach more users. By publishing your native app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store or creating a PWA, the Bluestone team can guarantee that your app will be available to anyone with a mobile device or computer.



Sometimes it is difficult to determine the type of marketing you should use and when or how frequently you should market your product. Coaching is a valuable service that the Bluestone team offers in the form of giving guidance in your marketing ventures. Choosing this service would give you access to guidance with your marketing endeavors, as we have experience with customizing the marketing experience and working to create the most optimized marketing packages for our clients' projects.


Email Blasts

Email blasts are a quick way of interacting directly with and reaching a majority of your targeted audience. We can structure and manage your email blasts so that they are implemented efficiently using features such as content and email template creation, newsletter production, and subscriber collection. Through the utilization of email blasts, it becomes easy for your users to gain exposure to your app or website and funnel more user traffic toward your project.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation encompasses some, if not all, of the above marketing techniques by way of software to boost business efficiency and personalized audience targeting. This segment of marketing focuses on the analysis of marketing campaigns, showing the progress of and any issues with your marketing endeavors. If this is a service you would be interested in using, our team would more than happy to help you determine the most appropriate aspects of marketing automation for your project.

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