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Health In Your Hands


LifeFuels team, having worked on other Internet of Things- and Bluetooth-based apps in the past, they loved the concept of combining nutrition and hydration management into a smart bottle. The goal was to pair the bottle with an app counterpart that would direct the bottle to dispense additives (vitamins, minerals, supplements, etc.) and give other health data to fitness fans and casual consumers alike.

We began by prototyping potential interactions in the app, specifically around the dispense screen. The design continued to evolve as the bottle capabilities were crystallized. In parallel, we helped LifeFuels build out their e-commerce storefront to create a full purchasing experience for the bottle’s “pods.”

Services they Utilized:

User Experience, Interface Design, Development




Private Beta

Health app
Health app
Health app
Health app

“Really excited how the app is looking…our feedback on it has been excellent!”

Health app

The Perfect Pair

Since LifeFuels is an Internet of Things bottle that uses Bluetooth, we outlined the Bluetooth APIs that would allow commands to be sent back and forth to the bottle.

There are literally thousands of mobile applications available from both stores, so how do you know if your new, “Best app in the world,” is going to be successful?

According to Bluestone Apps, putting in the time and research for your idea is the best way to determine if you are going to create the most popular application on the planet or end up wasting your money.

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