If You’re a Small Business Owner You’ll Want to Invest in a Mobile App


There are still hot discussions among marketers and small business owners around mobile applications development. Small business and app development companies can now afford to develop their own branded applications and confidently catch up with large organizations that are actively using this effective business tool.

Business should strive for app development in order to keep pace with the new technologies and respond to innovations that can make it more efficient. Creating and launching your own mobile application is quite a serious step. This requires an investment of time and resources.

What are the advantages of developing mobile applications? Let’s take a look.

The benefits of having a mobile app for small business

Apps Improve the Quality of Customer Service

Improving customer service quality is the number one reason for most small businesses that decide to create applications. They can be used to communicate with your potential customers and can open a direct two-way link. Through your application, you can also reward your customers with coupons and loyalty programs, helping them to come back again and again.

Apps Increase Sales

When a company builds an app, there is a greater chance to increase sales. This benefit is very important for all companies. The users download and install the app, and most of them buy your products or services better through the app.

Apps Offer Discounts and Bonuses

One way to increase sales is to motivate new potential customers to download apps. How can you motivate your users? These can be special offers, promotions or bonuses. For example, you can use the application to attract new clients through exclusive offers, such as free samples.

Apps Provide Accessibility for Customers

Being accessible and always anticipating the desires of your customers is another important element for increasing sales through a mobile business application. Use push notifications to inform customers about the current specials.

Apps Offer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs encourage repeat customers. Loyalty cards are a very popular tactic among customers.

There is Constant Growth in the Number of Active Mobile Device Users

The popularity of the mobile Internet in the world is growing rapidly. At the moment, the number of Internet users using their mobile devices exceeds the traffic of desktop computers users. Mobile networks are becoming faster, more and more users have access to high-speed connections, and these factors open a huge new market of opportunities for any company.

Apps are Ideal Smartphones and Tablets

Since so many users prefer mobile devices with small screens, it’s important to create a well-designed app to use without any size limits.

Application interfaces can be designed for small screens and be optimized for comfortable navigation, and all the necessary information is easily accessible. Modern mobile solutions have access to the core features like calls, location, push notifications and others.

Apps are an Important Marketing Channel

Using smartphones and tablets to search, study and purchase products.

If the buyer already uses a smartphone or tablet to search and explore for goods, why not give him the opportunity to use them to buy the right products? The advantage of a mobile application is that it’s installed by people who are initially interested in your products or services. These people will be your target audience and you can post new information, announce new promotions and offer special bonuses primarily for them.

Plus, having installed the application, the app icon will appear on the main screen — it’s a long advertising contact. To access company goods and services the customer will just have to tap on the screen.

Apps Provide Constant, Fast and Inexpensive Contact with Your Clients

Mobile devices are with a person almost 24 hours a day. This is personal contact with your customers. Competent strategies and push notification segmentation allow you to communicate with different groups of users. The person who installed your app is more likely to make purchases again since they are your direct target audience. However, push notifications are best used when something really important happens and the notification is time-bound and contains useful information.

Apps Involve Clients in Your Business

With a mobile app development service, your customers can more actively use your loyalty programs, discount offers, and promotions. Through the mobile app, you can get feedback from customers about your company, services, employees, or the quality of products. It’s logical to implement viral methodologies with game elements.

For example, the ability to get bonuses and discounts for marketing offer activities. In the interaction reports, you will always know how the users’ interests have changed. You can see how often people use the application and how they work with it.

Apps are a Convenient way to Monitor Important Business Metrics

Mobile applications allow you to set up e-commerce tracking and collect information about all purchased products, the total number of purchases and their value. You can configure getting basic business data in real time, such as performance indicators: the number of customers, sales, costs, profits.

For example, the managers receive a summary of each department’s results. After that, they analyze the data and clearly see what they have to improve.

Apps Promote Mobile Searches


People use mobile devices more often, and this leads to certain changes in their preferences. For several years now we have seen a significant increase in the mobile internet audience worldwide. A successful company venturing into mobile development will now know the importance of analyzing trends and optimizing for mobile devices. People using mobile device will more times than not make purchases from them, and are always looking for products or services on their smartphones to make further purchases.


Yes, mobile app development services can be quite expensive, but you can be sure that this investment really is worth the time, effort and money required. A mobile app can improve business processes and increase profits. So, contact us at Bluestone Apps and get started on a mobile app for your small business today!