Build Mobile App using Native Apps

If you are planning to build mobile app there are some things to consider before you write that big check for your new mobile app. You will have to make a choice about development when you build mobile app for your business or organization. Whatever you decide, your decision between a Hybrid and Native App will affect your final product.

Native Apps

Native apps are designed for specific mobile operating systems. In other words, if you want to build mobile app for iOS, you would develop the app in Swift. One of the biggest pluses with Native apps is function. Normally Native apps can access all functionalities on the device chosen. If the app is developed properly, it will run smooth without device error. However, a native app can’t run on devices that don’t have the identical operating system. That means that if you want your mobile app to be available on Android, iOS 7 and Windows, you are going to need to build mobile app three times, as you will need one for every operating system. Not only does this process take more time, it also takes more money.

In the next blog, Bluestone Apps will talk about Hybrid Apps, and how they can help the process when it comes to the operating system on your mobile app.