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Our purpose is to provide a nationwide tool for employers to simplify the interview and hiring process.

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About First Interviewed

Streamlining the interview and hiring process

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Based in the ever advancing Silicon Valley, First Interviewed is a state of the art new concept. Our intent is to streamline the interview and hiring process between employer and job seekers.


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First Interviewed will be available to Employers and Job seekers via a Mobile app and Web Portal.

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”Our purpose is to provide a nationwide tool for employers to simplify the interview and hiring process.”


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The surprising cost of hiring a new employee in 2020

While operating a business, hiring the right staff is one of the most important investments you can make. Having the right team can save you time and money. The average cost to employer for a new hire is around $4,500. It was reported in 2020 that almost 40% of an employer’s time is spent on tasks that do not generate income, including the interview and hiring process. Hiring the right employee fast and efficiently can help reduce this burden. Keeping cost at a minimum is crucial to a successful business model. Some of the overlooked fees in this process include external hiring team, job board fees, internal HR teams, career events The overall cost and time of the hiring process is staggering when viewed as a whole.


Competitive Landscape

Market trends suggest amazing growth potential in the staffing and recruiting sector. Competitors are already experiencing benefits from this surge such as Indeed who has an estimated $3 billion in revenue and over 10,000 estimated employees as well as LinkedIN with an estimated $8 billion in revenue and around 16,000 job seekers using the service.

Business Model

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How we make this work

First Interviewed’s business model is based on the staffing and employment service concept. Job seekers will be able to access this service for free, with a starting price of about $4.99 a month for employers. Using this subscription-based technology, our company will harnesses the power of recurring revenue. Our subscribers benefit from the power of a network where they can find an employee right within the First Interview app or web portal .

Funding Requirements

What we're looking for

We are seeking an investment of $250k to fund further innovation efforts as we move our platform to the staffing environment and look to invest heavily in marketing strategies and the development of advanced app features. Investments will also go to the acquisition of operational staff.

Investor Partnership Return

Investments in our advancing company will be returned via a percentage of profits as well as a percentage of company ownership.

Meet Our Team

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