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We build custom jeweler apps

Provide your customers with an exclusive, personalized online shopping experience - Online store, personalized promotions, product details, jewelry checkout and more!


Utilize a custom-branded app to Increase sales and growth opportunities while reducing time spent on menial tasks . We design and build custom features for your jeweler company - increase revenue and grow your brand while saving time and money.


You are wasting time and money while missing growth and revenue potential

Let us solve your issues with features that aim to bring you cost-savings, time-savings, revenue generation, and brand growth, in a custom jeweler app from Bluestone Apps.

Our firm understands the time, money, and growth obstacles you face as a jeweler company.

You are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs, save time, earn more money, and grow your brand - we want to partner with you and offer custom jeweler solutions that do all these things.

We’ve built mobile apps for jeweler companies like yours and have seen how effective modern technology can be in your efforts to boost revenue and growth while cutting on costs and wasted time.

Common issues for jeweler companies:

"It is hard to keep my business afloat as online retailers and large chains stiff-arm customers from shopping locally and in-store."


In-app Purchases - A quick, intuitive shopping experience will make your customers happy while you save time and money.

We will help you build brand-awareness and provide your customers with a modern shopping experience by building an online store.

Featured Products - Highlight products that are the highest priority to sell.

We will give you the ability to highlight high-priority products in a way that makes your customers feel comfortable.

Product Wishlists - Let your customers share their favorite products with friends and family.

We will help you grow by providing your customers with shareable wishlists and products.

"The time I spend informing buyers about payment plans and warranties could be spent reeling in new customers."


All Payment Processors - Accept any payment type and never turn your customers away.

We will help you grow and make more money by allowing processing for any type of payment.

Warranty Add-ons - A single click can provide customers with information about and the ability to buy an add-on warranty.

We will save you time and help you make money by providing customers with a single-click solution to read about and purchase warranties.

Insurance Add-ons - Help your customers feel secure by providing them with a single-click insurance solution.

We will help you build customer satisfaction by providing them with easy-access information about product insurance.

BONUS: Read more about common jeweler issues, and see the app features that solve them.

As a special bonus, everyone who books an appointment will receive special content about app features and functions that solve time and money issues for jeweler companies just like yours.
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