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What is the Law Firm App?

The Law Firm App was created for attorneys to assist in keeping track of their clients. Remarkably, the Law Firm App is changing the way critical client information is being collected, stored and managed. Undoubtedly, attorneys love the Law Firm App because it was designed with specific key features; all of which are crucial and beneficial to attorneys.

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Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics, Marketing


iOS & Android

Law Firm App Features

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    Add Documents & Case Information

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    Schedule Court Cases & Related Events

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    Host In-App Video & Chat Consultations

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    Record Consultations

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    Store Case Files for Each Client

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    GPS Accessibility

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    Check-In for Court Dates, Meetings, Child Family Visitations, Etc.

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    Record & Save Check-In Times & Locations to Your Files

Law Firm App Features: In-Depth

Add Documents & Case Information

Once your document has been created, it is automatically saved within the correct folder. Feel free to drag and drop documents directly into the folder from your desktop and use the ‘search’ feature to quickly find any document within the system.

Schedule Court Cases & Related Events

Give your clients a specific contact record, assign court dates, and hearings along with any other matters; and effortlessly maintain a complete picture of your entire history with every client.

Host In-App Video & Chat Consultations

Consult your clients from any location. Hold a video conference with your clients on the Law Firm App using the highest quality secure video conferencing on the market. The ability to hold in-App consultations ultimately adds mobility to your practice. It also provides clients comfortability and increases the geographic reach of your firm, boosting your marketability.

Record Consultations

Record, save and store consultations with your clients directly through the Law Firm App. We ensure the utmost highest quality data security and privacy. Likewise, our encrypted and authenticated infrastructure means that your clients' data is always private and secure.


Store Case Files for Each Client

Retrieving case documents at a moment’s notice is a part of any attorney's world. The Law Firm App helps you organize all your clients and files with centralized, secure document storage in the cloud. Which makes for quick and easy access, editing and collaboration.

GPS Accessibility

Keep track not only of your cases, time and calendar but your clients as well. The Law Firm App is capable of assisting you in tracking your clients when they otherwise can not be reached. Attorneys who utilize the Law Firm App save adequate time, money and effort when searching for unresponsive clients.

Check in for Court Dates, Meetings, Child & Family Visitations, Etc.

Record and save check-in times for court dates, meetings, child and family visitations and more through the Law Firm App. Saved entries are available for you to retrieve and review at a moment's notice; all the time.

Record & Save Check-In Times & Locations to Your Files

The Law Firm App makes it simple for attorneys to record and save check-in times and locations for their clients. Let the Law Firm App assist with your busy law practice by managing and recording all your check-in information.

The Law Firm App is the Future of Firms

Attorneys using the Law Firm App are able to add documents and case information, host and record in-App consultations and record and save check-in times, to name a few; and all through a single mobile application. Again, the Law Firm App is backed by the highest quality data and privacy security system for the protection of you and your clients. And what’s more, attorneys can and will save time and money with this professional easy-to-use App.

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