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A/B Marketing


A/B testing (also known as split testing) is the process of
comparing two versions of a web page, email, or other marketing
asset and measuring the difference in performance.

Can We Market It? App-solutely!

Simply having your app in the App Store or on Google Play is not enough to create the buzz needed to drive users to download and use your
app. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted marketing plans to ensure a successful launch and promote the app after hitting the app store.


A/B Learner Package

This package walks you through what is involved in trying to get users to join your newsletter. This includes coaching and training on how to perform two variations of the same ad. This also gives you additional tools to show your app installs and usage based on the Facebook ads once the app is live. We offer ongoing marketing, but this is a special marketing package we recommend to help build the hype about your upcoming app and get real users interested in the launch.


Two Months Of Pre-launch Marketing With Training

(one month setup, one month monitoring live ads)


FB Ad Spend: Not included, we have a minimum expectation of you spending an
additional $4k total ad spend per month or more for the second month.

This Package Includes


One month of setup & planning
One active ad month with reports & coaching
2 landing page designs
Landing page content & images
MailChimp newsletter integration with landing pages
Automated “Welcome” Email setup in MailChimp
2 landing pages, one for each FB A/B ad
2 slightly different Facebook ads (pre-launch newsletter sign-up)
Reports & Optimization, which ad “wins”
App install & usage analytics dashboard
Weekly FB ad stats
Final report on users signed up to the newsletter


Introduction to “A/B” Tests
Planning a FB A/B Test Campaign
SEO & Content Strategy


How to Edit & Create Landing Pages
How to Use MailChimp & Newsletter Posts
How to Create a FB A/B Test
How to Edit a FB A/B Test
How to View & Understand an Ad’s FB Analytics

Weekly Meeting

Campaign health check-in & special topics

Monthly Meeting

This month’s goals, next month’s steps, this
quarter’s goals, and next quarter’s goals

Let’s Talk.

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