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Facebook Ad Newsletter Signups:

Learner's Package


Learn how to build an audience for your newsletter using two targeted Facebook Ads - one for people to sign up and one announcing your app launch.

Can We Market It? App-solutely!

Simply having your app in the App Store or on Google Play is not enough to create the buzz needed to drive users to download and use your app. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted marketing plans to ensure a pre-launch readership and a successful launch promoting the app after hitting the app stores.

We also love to teach clients how to do everything that we do: you get side-by-side training, coaching, and learning sessions.

Facebook Ad Newsletter
Signups: Learner Package

Our package walks you through what is involved in trying to get users to join your newsletter. We include coaching and training. This also gives you additional tools to show your app installs and usage based on the Facebook ads once the app is live. Our Learner Package helps build the hype about your upcoming app and get real users interested in the launch. This special package aims to equip you to maintain, edit, and create your own ads and web pages using our easy-to-use system and platform.


Setup, Newsletter Ad, Launch Ad, Training + Bonuses

(Setup and launch ad already included in our Plus & Elite plans)

Please see your proposal and contract for more details about any marketing packages you have already purchased.

This Learner Package Includes:


One prep month of setup and planning - included in Plus & Elite

Two active ad months with reports and coaching - included in Plus & Elite for one month

“Coming Soon” landing page design and content - sign up people to the newsletter before launch

“Download Now” landing page design and content - announce your app launch - included in Plus & Elite

MailChimp - newsletter integration and setup - included in Elite

Automated “Welcome” email content - included in Plus & Elite

Two targeted Facebook ads: content, image, setup, and launch - Included in Plus & Elite for one FB ad

Weekly Meeting

Campaign health check-in, special topics, and Facebook ad performance review - included in Plus & Elite

Monthly Meeting

Monthly goals, quarterly goals, and next steps - included in Plus & Elite


Introduction to Digital Marketing
Planning an Email Campaign
Planning a Facebook Ad Campaign
SEO and Content Strategy


How to Edit and Create Landing Pages on Your Website
How to Use Our SEO Automation & Customization Tools
How to Use MailChimp & How to Send Newsletter Posts
How to View and Understand an Ad’s Facebook Analytics

Bonus Deliverables

30-45 second promotional video ($1,495 normally)

App install/usage analytics dashboard ($4,995 normally)

$14,495 w/ Learning Resources

($10,995 for Plus packages, ask about Elite discount)

FB Ad Spend: Not included, we expect you to pay Facebook for an additional $2k per month per ad.

Let’s Talk.

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