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We build custom medical device apps

Help your clinics, hospitals, and patients interface with your medical device - Associate unique medical device activity with patient records, monitor stats, calibration options, and more!


Utilize a custom-branded app to increase revenue and growth potential. We design and build custom features for your medical device company - increase revenue and grow your brand while saving time and money.


You are wasting time and money while missing growth and revenue potential

Let us solve your issues with features that aim to bring you cost-savings, time-savings, revenue generation, and brand growth, in a custom medical device app from Bluestone Apps.

Our firm understands the time, money, and growth obstacles you face as a medical device company.

You are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs, save time, earn more money, and grow your brand - we want to partner with you and offer custom medical device solutions that do all these things.

We’ve built mobile apps for medical device companies like yours and have seen how effective modern technology can be in your efforts to boost revenue and growth while cutting on costs and wasted time.

Common issues for medical device companies:

"We are not making as much money as we could if we had a way to quickly and reliably associate medical devices with patients and calibration tests."


Smart Scanning Capabilities - Give your medical audiences the ability to quickly scan a unique medical device barcode or serial number to pull up stats from a live feed, interface with the device, and access test and calibration options.

We will help you make more money with an app that uses smart tech to quickly connect to your medical devices.

Unique Device Connections - Allow your target audiences control and management of multiple device connections with a suite of options suitable for small clinics to large hospitals.

We will help you expand your company and brand with a custom app that takes your main target audiences into deep consideration for needs like multiple device support.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet Support - Allow your medical audiences the ability to connect your medical device to the app server however your medical device can connect.

We will help you grow your medical device adoption rate with a custom app that connects to your devices seamlessly.

"We are not earning as much revenue as we could if we had a mobile app interface for our medical device's live data feeds."


Live Patient Data - Show live patient data feeds in-app, with filtering and sorting options, visualization options, and more.

We will help you generate more income with highly sophisticated in-app features based off of deep and smart integrations with your medical device.

Custom Data Feeds - Create custom data feeds that are intuitive for the operation of your medical device.

We will help you make more money with a custom interface and all the right options to view and access your medical device's data.

Learning Center - Offer learning materials and use instructions in-app for patients, device operators, and medical techs about your medical device.

We will help you save time with an in-app learning center, complete with all of your files, resources, training documentation, learning guides, educational media, and more.

BONUS: Read more about common medical device issues, and see the app features that solve them.

As a special bonus, everyone who books an appointment will receive special content about app features and functions that solve time and money issues for medical device companies just like yours.
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