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Mobile Apps are Changing Health & Fitness

Mobile Apps are Changing Health & Fitness

Are you forever battling the numbers on your scale? Do you swear (every… single… year…) to lose weight and start anew? Do you literally stress yourself to the point of being sick just worrying about getting sick? I bet you do. And honestly, you’re not alone. Conveniently enough, mobile health and fitness apps are here to save the day!

Health and fitness are notably the fastest-growing focus areas in the IT industry. But it’s no surprise by any means. The fitness apps out there today can help you stay in shape in a variety of ways. There are literally health and fitness apps to suit any and everybody, regardless of skill-levels or goals.

Do Health & Fitness Apps Work?

The market is overloaded with many different health and fitness apps, and each one offers different benefits. Anybody who wants to tighten their body can choose from a long list of apps. Let’s take a peek at how apps are helping us stay in shape these days.

Apps Have Made Fitness Routines Affordable & Accessible

You no longer need to go hunting for yoga classes or gyms in your neighborhood. Forget about hiring costly personal trainers to lose weight. Just look up a suitable app that meets your needs, install it on your phone and get busy. Distance and money can no longer prevent people from staying healthy.

Apps Help Set Realistic Fitness Goals

Just about all of us aspire to look like supermodels, regardless of our lifestyles. We may be trapped in sedentary lifestyles and jobs which offer little to no opportunities for fitness. Setting up an unreachable goal at the beginning of our workout regime can be the catalyst for starting the fitness regime, but is hardly sustainable. There are a variety of apps out there to set up realistic goals within our desired timeframe. They take us to the next level of exercise but only after we’ve achieved the previous goal. This helps in sustaining our exercise regime which is the hardest challenge for beginners!

Health & Fitness Apps Help Monitor Our Workout Routines

There are mobile apps that will need you to put data like your calorie intake, your daily routine, your fitness regime, and your fitness goals. They will monitor your calorie intake and calories burnt throughout the day. They will offer encouraging comments throughout your workout regime and tell you how to perform a particular exercise. Myfitnesspal and Endomondo are apps that store our personal workout history and motivate us to outdo our best performance.

There is also a load of running apps to help us view our running progress. If you are bored of your running workout, you may use apps like Zombies to change your running routine and make it more interesting. This app turns your daily runs into crazy missions. Each run you go on is like an episode of a zombie show and you just so happen to be the main character. All you do is start a mission and listen to the story as you run. What makes it more exciting is that you’re hearing zombie sounds as you run and the only way to get away is to keep moving.

Apps Monitor Our Diets & Suggest Healthy Cooking Methods

It is a well-known fact that losing weight and improving our overall diet is an important factor in our fitness routines. If you’re worried about what you’re eating, there is no shortage of apps to advise you of available healthy food options. With the right health and fitness apps you can shop your nearest dietary store or restaurant, search healthy methods of cooking and even calculate the number of calories you’re consuming!

Health & Fitness Apps Keep Us Connected & Motivated

Most health apps like FitGang are linked to social networking sites such as Facebook. They help connect people with those who share similar fitness goals and follow the same routines. This helps build an inspiring community of health-lovers and even offers healthy competition amongst members.

Get Started Today!

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of health and fitness apps, don’t waste any more time with your app idea. Call Bluestone Apps to transform your idea into a successful mobile app. You can reach our local Knoxville team at (615) 209-9680. Call today!

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