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Mobile Apps Aren’t Going Anywhere

Mobile apps are more popular than ever. In fact, applications have now surpassed mobile responsive websites when it comes to us and popularity.

While mobile responsive websites are an extremely important part of your entire marketing strategy, applications are becoming just as crucial. In fact, it would do your business a world of good if you had both a responsive website and a mobile app.

A Mobile Apps Company with the Credentials

Bluestone has been in the business since 2011 and the website industry since 1996. That means the team was on the application creation and design ground floor when mobile responsive websites first hit the scene.

Fast forward to 2022 and Bluestone and its sister company Knoxweb have been going great guns with all things digital including mobile responsive websites and applications.

Have You Thought About Both?

While Google never made mobile responsive websites mandatory, the search engine punished those who didn’t comply when Accelerated Mobile Pages were released in 2016.

That meant that businesses would be penalized if they didn’t have a mobile friendly or responsive website.

For that reason, most businesses invested in a mobile responsive website more than 5 years ago.

If you were one of those businesses you have probably been thinking about ways in which you could improve your business online. One of those ways could be mobile apps.

It Takes a Powerful Marketing Strategy

These days it takes more than a mobile responsive website to catch a person’s attention. This is especially true if you own a business that is in a popular or overcrowded industry.

As previously mentioned in this digital marketing blog mobile apps have surpassed mobile responsive websites in popularity. Perhaps that means it’s time to invest in the next big thing. That next big thing could be a mobile app for your business.

The mobile apps development team from Bluestone has spent years learning all that and more about the world of digital design.

The team does everything you can imagine including building a mobile app in three months. That’s right, in just 90 days you can have a new marketing tool at your beck and call.

Idea to App® System

Bluestones trademarked Idea to App® system is what makes the 90 day to launch possible.

With the system it is easy to get that dream out of your head and into the mobile app stores using tried and true steps that really work.

With Bluestone Apps Idea to App® system you are with the team of app developers throughout the entire process. You will never feel like you are left in the dark when you become a client of this mobile app agency.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Responsive Websites

Having a mobile app is one of the best things you can do for you and your business. Send a direct message and have a chat with a team member.

If you already have something in mind, ask for a quote. Your idea could become a reality before you know it. Get a quote today.

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