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Mobile Apps for a Faster Experience

Bluestone Mobile Apps is the only name to consider if you are getting an app built. Furthermore, they can handle all of your digital marketing as well.

With Bluestone you are getting the cream of the crop as this digital design and development team along with its sister company have been performing miracles since 1996 making life much easier for everyone that works with them.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

If you have been following this blog you know that while mobile websites are still doing what they are supposed to as users prefer apps because they are always available.

In addition there is nothing to remember as your logo is there for all to see the minute the device is picked up.

There isn’t a better way to advertise your products and services and while it is certainly no mystery, mobile apps perform faster, there are plenty of other things applications can do.

According to Bluestone applications also store data, something that mobile websites rely on a server for.

People spend approximately three hours and 45 minutes every day on a mobile device, but that time isn’t going to the browser on a website.

Bluestone explains that only 10 percent of that time is spent on a mobile responsive website. The other 90 percent is spent on mobile apps.

Website Users

Here’s what happens when a client attempts to go to your website:

  • Client opens web browser
  • Customer googles want they want scrolling through the competition until they get to your site and open it
  • Your client finds what they want and buys it
  • Before purchase an account with personal and payment info needs to be created
  • Client accidently hits the back bar and has to start the process all over

This is all great as long as the client doesn’t get distracted. If that happens your disgruntled client just may head over to the competition.

Mobile App Users

Here’s what happens when a client uses your app:

  • Because all the information is already stored on the phones home page you won’t have to do it again
  • They already know what they want and can purchase in one click
  • If they happen to exit before purchase you can remind them about it with a push notification

Isn’t that a massive difference? As you can see people like things simple. Mobile apps are much easier to use than mobile responsive websites.

In addition to the above it is important to note that personalization and functionality is much easier on a wider scale with a mobile app.

It is easier because users are allowed to set up their own interests, location and usage behavior. This is one of the biggest differences between mobile apps and responsive websites.

Customer Satisfaction with One Push

If you would like to learn more about mobile apps, or anything else digital, schedule an appointment. Bluestone is ready to help you and your business grow with smart solutions for your business.

Send a direct message for a consultation with Bluestone and its sister company today.


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