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Mobile Apps for the Future and Beyond

The best mobile apps on the planet are usually the ones that are easy and simple to use. People love apps that help them live an easier life.

Apps teach people how to cook and how to tie a knot, but they are also responsible for saving lives.

Think of an ER application or something that helps people change an unhealthy lifestyle and you will know how much apps have become a part of everyday life.

More time on Mobile Apps

According to Bluestone Apps, who has been in the mobile app development game since 2011, American adults spend over 4 hours on the net. Eighty eight percent of the time is spent on mobile apps.

The Top of the Crop in 2020

Back in September of 2020, TikTok hit the top of the mobile app list. What’s App came in second with people all over the globe clamoring for a glimpse at the two most popular Android applications on the planet.

Facebook Messenger came in a close third followed by Instagram, Google Meet, and Google Classroom. Obviously, the current climate has pushed Google Classroom into number six of the most popular Android mobile apps in 2020.

With that being said, all of these popular mobile apps have one thing in common. Firstly, they are easy to use. Secondly, they are simple to use.

Creating a Unique Mobile App that People Love

While you may think creating a new and unique mobile app is impossible, think again.

There are dozens of ideas that haven’t been thought of yet. Some of those yet to be developed mobile apps may turn out to be as popular as Facebook Messenger. Could your idea make it to the top three in 2021?

Bluestone Apps explains that the first step is contacting a mobile app developer. Once you have made contact ask about a non-disclosure agreement. This is the first thing that Bluestone does as it protects all of those involved in the project.

Once the paperwork is signed it’s time to get started. The team from Bluestone Apps will go over your ideas working out the details including your chosen demographic. Before you start anything, you need to know whom you are targeting application to.

Developing the Best Idea in the World

While your idea may sound incredible on paper, it must work in the mobile world. Unlike a static desktop or even mobile website, you want your features to be as simple as possible. Keep in mind that not everyone is nimble when it comes to a mobile device keyboard.

A good mobile app is functional and gets to the point. Applications that beat around the bush are slow to load or make you jump through too many hoops are not very popular.

Whatever your idea it’s important to work with a professional. Call and schedule a no obligation consultation with Bluestone Apps today.

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