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Mobile Apps that Just Can’t Be Beat

If you have been searching for a mobile app developer, stop your search. Bluestone Mobile Apps has been in the application game since 2011 and the web game since 1996.

You won’t find another company that has the experience and credentials that Bluestone does.

Why You Need Mobile Apps

Applications allow you to engage better with your clients and customers. Applications also allow you to interact and communicate in real time.

If you have been following the Bluestone Blog, you will recall that more businesses are relying on mobile apps to get the word out. In fact, there are more mobile device users than desktop users.

That means users prefer applications over mobile responsive websites. However, you must have the RIGHT builder and developer if you want to get positive results from your new mobile app.

What’s New in 2022

According to Bluestone the app market is on fire and on track to reach a whopping 615 billion dollars by 2025. That’s up from 318 billion back in 2020. With that type of growth come new opportunities for mobile applications.

This year trends such as artificial intelligence, 5G, Virtual Reality and Augmented reality will become more main stream. Experts believe this is because people are online 24/7.

5G and Mobile Apps

Although not fully mainstream just yet, 5G technology offers fast data transfer and is set to hit about 620 billion by 2030. Because 5G has so many user benefits you may want to consider a mobile app that supports a 5G connection.

Machine Learning and AI

Artificial intelligence uses algorithms and predictive analytics for just about everything. AI technology helps with natural language, speech recognition and of course navigation. Talk to Bluestone about your AI or ML application.

Wearables and Mobile Apps

This year will see over one billion connected wearable mobile devices. Having an application offers convenience to users as they can receive messages and notifications. Wearables are popular.  Talk to Bluestone Apps about your wearable mobile app.

Virtual Reality and Mobile Apps

Virtual reality is huge with VR mobile apps transforming entertainment, gaming, live streaming and travel. This type of technology allows people to interact with you and your business. For example, they can check out new furniture for the home or try on a new pair of jeans before purchasing.

Mobile Apps to the Rescue

Want to learn more about applications? Bluestone has the experience to get you going. Call or send a direct message and talk to a team member today.   

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