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Moon Joggers App Case Study

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The Moon Joggers App was created for athletic teams and communities of exercise fanatics who enjoy charity runs and walks. Moon Joggers App users can track and record all of their progress with an App-wide goal of jogging to the Moon! But this app isn’t stopping there; the Moon Joggers App will take you to Mars, Jupiter, infinity and beyond!

Services Utilized:

Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics,


iOS & Android

Purpose Of The Moon Joggers App

The Moon Joggers App and its users are on a mission: To explore the moon, planets, and sun of our Milky Way galaxy; and to boldly run where no man or woman has run before. Now, human beings can connect with and challenge one another to start (and continue) running. It’s easy to join the vibrant Moon Joggers app community and get started today. Not to mention, not only does the Moon Joggers App work with FitBit but iWatch as well!

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Moon Joggers App - Great For All Ages & Fitness Levels

The Moon Joggers App is perfect for beginners or people that just love walking and jogging. Are you a runner or a competitive marathoner? As it happens, any and everyone in between can easily download the Moon Joggers App and get started. And as you run alongside your Moon Joggers App, a bigger and greater challenge will be presented each year. So you can keep pushing towards the stars and beyond!

Download The Moon Joggers App Today & Get On Board!

You have been cordially invited to join the Moon Joggers journey! Download the Moon Joggers App today and get started on your cosmic adventure!

The Moon Joggers App is available for iOS and Android on Google Play and the App Store.

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