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My Travel App Case Study


The My Travel App was created for travel agencies for the management of their travel packages, travelers and itineraries. Travelers also have access to this App for planning and viewing their trip itineraries. Any traveling App users have access to a daily schedule of events, photos of their trip, along with travel document storage. Additionally, alerts from the travel agency are sent to travelers before and during their trip.

Services Utilized:

Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics, Marketing


iOS, Android

What is the My Travel App?

Travel agencies and travelers alike can use the My Travel App in one collaborative location. This database-driven application is aided by our location service and responsive website. The My Travel App allows travelers to directly interact with their traveling agency and access their itineraries. Users of the My Travel App can store travel documents and message their traveling agency directly through the App.

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Features of the My Travel App

Travel agencies are provided with a web-based administration area to manage their agency’s profile. This includes trips, itineraries, and push notifications. Agencies and travelers can utilize a database full of flights and cruises.

The My Travel App allows travel agencies to send push notifications to specific travelers before, during and after their trip. Ultimately, the priority of My Travel App is to simplify the traveling process and increase the time and enjoyment of travel.

My Travel’s communication is seamless due to integrated client communication tools. Agencies simply and conveniently chat with their clients straight through the My Travel App! Furthermore, itineraries are delivered directly to their clients through the My Travel App. Not only by adding activities and accommodations, but flights, transportation, and cruises as well.

Additionally, agencies and travelers can set times and add notes. Last but not least, itineraries, photos, maps, times and terminals are imported automatically.

Download the My Travel App Today!

To sum it all up, My Travel App is free to download and use. Travelers using the My Travel App will be able to view their trip itineraries and receive instant travel notifications. App users will also receive notices on events happening at their travel destination. All terminals, ports, departures, and arrival times are automatically updated through the App. Most importantly, My Travel App users can save time and money with a professional, easy-to-use app!

The My Travel App is available for iOS and Android on Google Play and the App Store.

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