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Native App Development Services

Congratulations, your company has decided to take the jump and build a mobile app for your business. In the 21st century, it’s hard to get by, or simply stand out from the crowd without one. The next step is choosing which type of app is right for your company. Our native app development services will design an app that is perfectly suited for the Apple’s App Store, or Google Play, native to Android phones. 


What is a Native App?

Our Native mobile app development services will build you an app that is designed with your chosen operating system in mind. Native apps are unique in that they do not run in the browser, and instead run right on your phone. Choosing to build a native app comes with huge benefits to functionality and user experience. With your app being built for a specific platform, you and your users will enjoy a seamless transition from their Android or iPhone. This is because the app will be built with the same programming language Objective-C or swift for iOS, and Java or Kotlin for Android — as a result, your app will feel familiar with less of a learning curve for the end user. 


Why Use a Native App for my Business?

Deciding which type of app to use comes down to weighing the benefits and limitations of each against the needs of your business. Since it uses the same programming language, the app can be stored on the device itself. This allows native apps to be highly responsive with shorter load times for images and content. This trait also allows native apps to be more secure than hybrid or web apps, with more interactivity to your phone’s existing features. Are you a ride sharing or delivery service and need to use the phone’s built in GPS? Will you need your user to access the microphone, camera or other feature while in your app? Native apps allow these hardwares to be used through its ability to communicate with them. 


Native app development may be a more costly solution up-front, but as a business owner, it is important to consider the experience a user will have with your app, and how that is a reflection of your business. In many cases, business owners even find themselves saving money in the long run, with fewer bugs and a more streamlined production process, and the myriad of features and capabilities available to them and their customers.  


Native App Development Services with Bluestone Apps

When starting the process of developing your app, it is critical for a business owner to ask themselves what they want. Is peak performance and speed a priority for them? Do they plan on their app utilizing device specific features? Is it important to them that their device can be easily found on the App Store or Google Play, or would they prefer it be a direct download from their website? Beyond personal preference, in many cases these questions will come down to budget. Our team at Bluestone Apps is dedicated to building you the best app possible to suit the needs of your business. If you are looking into building an app and think that a native app is the way to go, our team of professionals will happily advise you, and create a plan to execute your vision. 


We’ve been building Native mobile apps for some of the best companies since 2011. Bluestone is a premier mobile application development company. We provide mobile solutions to a global clientele on all major mobile platforms. Come to us with a dream, and we’ll provide you a solution to make it happen! Get started with your native app development services today! 


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