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Save Time and Money With Professional In-App Video Chat

By utilizing a professional in-app video chat feature, you’re making yourself readily available to your patients and strengthening your relationship. In addition, you save time and money while creating an opportunity to redirect your focus towards other areas that need attention.

Our Top Solutions for Plastic Surgery Apps

Your custom plastic surgery app will help you save big on lost time and money for common issues in your field, such as:

Inefficient appointment management, too many missed or canceled appointments, a staggering need for patient support and education, confusing and impersonal dashboards for staff and patients, and other common burdens we see often in your field.

Common Plastic Surgery Issue #1:

It Costs Time and is a Major Headache to Manage Patient Records, Answer Patient Questions, and Train Staff


Save Big with Streamlined Patient Records

Mobile apps make patient record interaction quick, intuitive and easy to manage. You will save time and money on operating costs due to streamlined app workflow and functionality.

Improve Call Times with In-App FAQs, Pre-Op & Aftercare Resources, & Staff Training

Providing your patients with in-app information cuts down on phone time in the office. When patients have the power to self-educate, you and your staff have more hands-free time to train and complete other tasks.

Grow Your Client Base with a Professional, Personalized App Experience

People will establish an opinion of your company just by looking at your website or mobile app - this can make or break your company. A professional, personalized, and user-friendly app builds trust, drives patients in, and keeps them.


Common Plastic Surgery Issue #2:

Patient Appointment Reminders Are a Hassle and In-Home Aftercare Visits Can be Time-Consuming


Cut Costs on In-Home Appointments with Streamlined Maps and Directions

Streamlined in-app maps and directions cuts time and money for staff transportation, such as in-home patient visits. Now you can be more efficient and effective than the others by saving on gas, mileage, and maintenance.

Keep Staff Drive Time Down with Efficient Routing

Efficient routing ensures staff is not racking up time, mileage and payroll. Safety is important, so taking the path of least resistance provides your staff with peace of mind and the ability to perform their jobs appropriately.

Increase Kept Appointments with Automated Push Notifications

People forget, plain and simple. With automated push notifications you can remind your patients of their scheduled appointments when life gets busy. A simple swipe of the finger can confirm and keep an appointment with your company.

BONUS: Read More Common Issues, and See the App Features that Solve Them

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Plus, Our Most Popular App Case Study: Highly Interactive, "VI Peel" App for Chemical Peels

Additionally, receive a free copy of our case study about our successful client, VI Peel. VI Aesthetics serves all of their patients with personalized daily push notifications for aftercare reminders, features for before and after selfies, and more.


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