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Pro App Store Developers Hard to Find

App store developers are not a dime a dozen, but you would think they are. Sadly not all digital companies have the experience to develop mobile apps, but Bluestone does.

Because Bluestone has been in the business since 1996 they understand the process of things, especially when it comes to applications and applications development.

App Store Developers to the Rescue

Sadly, not all companies are app store developers. This is extremely important. While the Google Playstore is not as strict as Apple your app needs to be professional.

In the case of Apple every application that is submitted to Apple’s App Store is approved through a division. The App Review Division is what makes or breaks your mobile app.

As previously mentioned the Google Playstore is not as restrictive when it comes to applications. However if you built it yourself and it is glitchy, slow or just doesn’t seem to work like it should it will be taken down from the Google Playstore.

This team of app store developers has the experience and has been in the business of mobile applications since 2011. Furthermore, the team has helped more than 300 companies get into both the Playstore and the Apple Store.

Bluestone to the Rescue

When you work with the team from Bluestone you will know what is going on at all times. You will never feel like you are out of the loop when it comes to your new mobile application.

With the Idea to App™ system you will know what is going on 24/7. Even if you are out of the country you will be able to find out what is going on with your new application.

These app store developers it easy to stay in touch. Because everything seems to be online these days you can talk to the team via chat, text, email and of course the old fashioned way, via telephone.

When Bluestone builds your app they make sure that everything works from the beginning. The testing process, like all the other steps, is crucial.

Know Your App

Unlike other mobile app companies you won’t be left in the dark after your new app goes live.

Bluestone will be with you all the way making sure that you are satisfied with the way your application works and the way it is marketed.

Because Bluestone trains you and your team you will know the back and the front end of your application. There will be nothing left out of the equation.

App Store Developers

For the best of the best nobody does it like Bluestone. Call or send a direct message for more information. Better yet, ask for a quote. Bluestone gets it done in 90 days.

Find out more now.


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