We build custom professional apps.

Grow your business and earn more while saving time and cost - Messaging, eCommerce, Maps, and more!


Utilize a custom-branded app to increase revenue and customer loyalty. We design and build custom features for your professional company - increase revenue and grow your brand while saving time and money.


You are wasting time and money while missing growth and revenue potential.

Let us solve your issues with features that aim to bring you cost-savings, time-savings, revenue generation, and brand growth, in a custom professional app from Bluestone Apps.

Our firm understands the time, money, and growth obstacles you face as a professional company.

You are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs, save time, earn more money, and grow your brand - we want to partner with you and offer custom professional solutions that do all these things.

We’ve built mobile apps for professional companies like yours and have seen how effective modern technology can be in your efforts to boost revenue and growth while cutting on costs and wasted time.

Common issues for professional companies

"I am losing time to communication with customers."


Connect with Clients - Send messages to your clients in-app and automatically attach the message history to their account.

We can save you time with private messaging features.

Group Chats - Let your app users chat in their own groups.

We will help you grow your brand with social features like group chats.

File Transfers - Control what kinds of files your users can send to each other and to you.

We will help you save time with a sensible file transfer system for your customers in-app, where you can control what kinds of files can be uploaded.

"I am not making enough money because customers keep missing or forgetting their appointments."


Appointment Reminders - Automatically send out appointment reminders through push notifications with in-app slide confirmations, SMS text, email, and in your customers' personalized dashboards.

We help you save money and even grow your kept appointment revenue by providing a variety of quick automation tools for you and your customers.

Smart Scheduling - Earn more now with app features that allow you and your staff to maintain availability schedules, and accept new appointments through the app based on real availability.

We will heavily boost your kept appointment revenue with appointment reminders, smart scheduling and rescheduling, and flexible calendars that work live and in real-time around your workload and staff availability.

Recurring Appointment Management - Send out manual or automatic reminders for recurring appointments.

We will strongly boost your kept appointment revenue for recurring appointments with highly effective push notifications, SMS texts, email, and in-app notifications.

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