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Protect Your App Idea

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Digital Patent

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Digital patents can protect your app idea based on the structure and services offered, your unique platform and how it operates.

Why People Patent

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A patent protects your app idea for 15 years, and covers the extent of how the software is used - not just the actual code itself.

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Pros of a Patent

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  • 15 years of protection

  • Easy to file with our professional team

  • Protects your app idea

Other Types of Protection


Trademarks serve a different purpose - these can be for goods or services, and are for protecting a phrase, slogan, logo, or brand name.


A copyright can be used for the actual code in a software, a piece of artwork or reading material, or other works.


What a Trademark Covers

  • Brand logos

  • Slogans and brand names

What a Copyright Covers

  • Works of art and text

  • Software code

Use Our Team

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Using our team’s experience, we will help navigate the process of filing for a digital service patent for your app idea. We can include a patent in the scope of your project, and we help you file your app idea patent.

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