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Rideshare Your Way to a Haircut

With the days of rideshare becoming so popular, we have developed many versions of Uber style apps for other services. Today we are discussing a hair styling app that you can order like Uber or Lyft.



Uber, rideshare, and Lyft have become a very popular platforms. We’ve been developing many types of apps that take that platform (and the rideshare experience) to use for different services.

Hair Styling Apps

One of the apps we’ve developed is for hair styling. Here’s how it works:

  • You open the app
  • Choose what kind of hair style you like
  • Look in your area (automatically based on GPS) for a hair stylist
  • Select the stylist
  • Make your payment
  • The stylist arrives at your location.

Basically, it’s just like if you were booking an Uber ride with you as the rider, and the whole experience is done through the app. Also, you can place your reviews on the app. Furthermore, the payment doesn’t go to the hair stylist until you’ve been treated or your hair has been cut. At that point the hair stylist gets paid.

So, it’s a very unique concept, and the nice thing about it is that it’s a very familiar experience. Most people know how Uber works. We’ve done this same type of work on other apps with the rideshare platform, and we would be more than happy to discuss that with you.

You can go to our website at and look under case studies and take a look at Stylit. There you can see information on how it works. The nice thing about it is that it’s all in the convenience of your app and at your home or office.

Other Rideshare Type Platforms

Whether you are:

  • Ordering a hair stylist
  • Having somebody come and mow your lawn
  • Move your furniture
  • Taking a trip somewhere with you and your friends
  • Or a variety of other things

All of the content is in the app. At one time, we had so many things that needed to be done, and here we are today looking at getting your haircut just like you were getting an Uber.

Bluestone Apps