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People are using more mobile shopping apps than ever before, with many people ordering everything from clothing to groceries online. At Bluestone Apps, we will make sure that your mobile shopping app is up and running before you know it.

Most Popular Shopping Apps of the Moment

According to the Apple App Store, these are the top ten shopping apps of the moment:

  1. Amazon
  2. SHEIN
  3. Shop
  4. Wish
  5. Walmart
  6. eBay
  7. Wayfair
  8. OfferUp
  9. Letgo
  10. Target

As you can see, two of these apps (Walmart and Target) are from brick-and-mortar companies that offer pickup and delivery. However, the vast majority of apps are entirely online-based. Consumers are both buying and selling entirely on the Internet for whatever they want, need, or have to have. 

The Boom of Shopping Apps Explained

There are, of course, benefits to this. Consumers do not have to physically go out to get these items, nor do they have to drive to a potentially sketchy location to drop off their used items. Some of these items, especially when ordering off Amazon, can be at your doorstep in as little as one day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping online for things you would normally get at a store greatly reduces the risk of contracting any diseases or infections. 

Benefits of Shopping App Development

The potential of the mobile shopping market has been felt before, but never at the magnitude it has been felt now. Having a mobile eCommerce site could allow new customers not only from around town to shop, but also customers across the nation or even the world. These customers are also more likely to come back to your application and shop further since your information and supply is right inside of their phones.

According to Branch, 66% of all mobile purchases occur within an app. Not only that, but the amount of in-app purchases increases each year by around thirty percent. This is most likely due to the fact that paying in and of itself has become easier, as well; with programs like Apple Pay, a user simply loads their information in one time and each purchase will be swiftly managed. To say that investment in mobile app development for your business would be profitable is an understatement. 

Things to Consider

Despite the promises and benefits that mobile eCommerce brings, there are still some things to consider when developing your shopping app. One of these is the platforms you will be launching your app on. The iOS and Android systems are very different, and the apps must be developed differently for each system. The two systems process and store information in different ways. Be mindful of that when planning the development of your app. 

You also need to make sure you are keeping within your target audience. Who are the types of people that normally shop in your store? What devices are they using? These are important questions to ask if you want your app to succeed.

Finally, something that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that apps are like children: they require a lot of care and attention. This means you need to consistently make sure you are keeping an eye on and maintain the app for any bugs you may encounter. It is recommended that a team is created just to help with the app’s maintenance.

What Makes Bluestone Apps Different

So, why exactly should you trust Bluestone Apps to help you develop your mobile eCommerce app? There is a multitude of reasons. 

Us at Bluestone Apps have almost ten years of experience in app development, ranging from virtual reality to photography. We do not focus on one specific niche of businesses to help develop; rather, we embrace the differences within industries and people in order to develop a well-rounded outlook on the world of technology. Here are just some of the types of industries we have built mobile applications for:

  • Ridesharing
  • Video streaming
  • Food delivery
  • Social networking
  • Recycling

We keep tabs on the latest trends that are currently sweeping the tech industry, so we can assure you that we will help your business capitalize on those trends before anybody else. We will make sure that your app is constantly updated and improved in order to give your customers the positive and efficient service they deserve. 

Bluestone Apps is committed to your business through and through. We will guide you through a simple process to help you get your app up and running. From the first meeting to the first launch and beyond, Bluestone Apps is guaranteed to be here for you.

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