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SwipePhotos App Case Study

Fastest and Most Fun Way to Organize

iPhone Photo Library


The SwipePhotos App is the fastest and most fun way to organize, distribute and store your iPhone’s photo library. A simple swipe motion allows you to quickly sort all of your photos into albums that you create. Then easily share your albums with friends, family or coworkers directly or via your social media platforms.

The SwipePhotos App’s Cloud Sorting and Backup feature allows you to create numerous albums and store them in the cloud to free up space on your phone.

Services Utilized:

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App Features


Quick and Easy

Quickly and easily create albums for the photos in your iPhone library.

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Share Albums

Share albums and individual photos directly or via social media.



Quickly re-organize photos between albums as needs change.



Skip past individual photos for future sorting.


Remain Unchanged

Photos uploaded to the SwipePhotos App remain unchanged in your phone’s library.

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About The App


The Swipe photos App is a highly customizable lightweight gallery App with great user experience. Organize and edit your photos, recover deleted files with the recycle bin, protect and hide files and easily view a huge variety of different photo and video formats including:

Additional Features of the SwipePhotos

  • Modern gallery with no ads or popups
  • Photo editor - crop, rotate, resize, filters and more
  • No internet access needed, giving you more privacy, security and stability
  • No necessary permissions required
  • Quickly search images, videos and other files
  • Open and view many different photo and video types (RAW, SVG, Panoramic, GIF, etc)
  • Variety of intuitive gestures to easily edit and organize files
  • Lots of ways to filter, group and sort files
  • Customize the appearance of the SwipePhotos App
  • Mark files as favorites for quick access
  • Protect your photos and videos with a pattern, pin or fingerprint
  • Use pin, pattern or fingerprint to protect the App launch and specific functions
  • Recover deleted photos and videos from the recycle bin
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  • Toggle visibility of files to hide photos and videos
  • Create a customizable slideshow of your files with many options View detailed information of your files (resolution, EXIF values, etc)
  • Zoom high-quality photos, videos and GIFs easily with gestures Easily force portrait or landscape orientation for easy video viewing
  • Quick file share to social media, email or anywhere else
  • Create home screen shortcuts or widgets to easily access any file or folder
  • Show the image location on a map, if available
  • Obvious presence of standard operations like rename, copy/move, un/hide, delete
  • Change photo and video brightness, or volume with vertical gestures
  • Fastest photo and video viewer available
  • Fastest photo and video viewer available
  • Set any image as wallpaper without hassle

Where to Find The SwipePhotos App


The SwipePhotos App is available for iOS in the App Store.

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