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Get a Mobile App and Shine


If your business isn’t doing as well as it should maybe it has something to do with your marketing. While you may think you are all over the internet you really aren’t. Not unless you have a mobile app in your toolbox. Although a mobile responsive website is another essential tool, mobile apps are becoming…

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Did your Mobile App Agency Fail on Delivery?


If you are disappointed with your mobile app developers, it’s time to call Bluestone Apps. If your mobile app developers didn’t deliver what they said they would and you have already put money down, you may want to cut your losses and go with an experienced company. Redefine Your Goals with a Mobile App Agency…

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How Come You Don’t Have a Mobile App?


Having a mobile application these days is nearly as important, if not more so, than having a mobile responsive website. It’s important because more people are using a mobile app more than a website. It really is that simple. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a website as well. Having…

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Still Considering a Mobile App?


If you are still not certain you need a mobile app consider this, mobile apps have taken first position, even over mobile responsive website. The reason, well, according to Bluestone Apps it’s because of convenience. The world is fast paced with people wanting everything yesterday, including information. Regardless of the industry it seems as if…

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A Bad Mobile App Won’t Go Viral


Some of the best applications out there come from simple ideas. Simple ideas that help millions of people do everyday tasks that save time and money. However, you can bet the mobile app design and development wasn’t as simple. Simple applications take just as much skill as complex apps and that’s where the work comes…

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Mobile Apps for the Future and Beyond


The best mobile apps on the planet are usually the ones that are easy and simple to use. People love apps that help them live an easier life. Apps teach people how to cook and how to tie a knot, but they are also responsible for saving lives. Think of an ER application or something…

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