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What Kind of Mobile App Should You Build?


If you can’t decide between a utility app and an entertainment application it’s time to call in a support system for your new mobile app. That support system needs to be someone who understands what would be best for you and your business. A Mobile App Takes Experience When it comes to making the hard…

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A Mobile App Can Be Life Changing


A mobile app can change the life of your business forever. In fact, with the right application your business can boom. However, it is vital that you have a professional company build your app. If you follow the Bluestone Blog you will know that DIY mobile apps aren’t the way to go. Remember, the Apple…

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Still Considering a Mobile App?


If you are still not certain you need a mobile app consider this, mobile apps have taken first position, even over mobile responsive website. The reason, well, according to Bluestone Apps it’s because of convenience. The world is fast paced with people wanting everything yesterday, including information. Regardless of the industry it seems as if…

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Mobile App Trends You Won’t Be Surprised About


According to Bluestone Apps, the mobile app market will explode even more than it already has thanks to the way people live their lives. Because of global travel restrictions and restrictions on work and entertainment, it has become a mobile world. Consequently, it is the decade of the mobile app revolution. Some mobile app trends…

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A Bad Mobile App Won’t Go Viral


Some of the best applications out there come from simple ideas. Simple ideas that help millions of people do everyday tasks that save time and money. However, you can bet the mobile app design and development wasn’t as simple. Simple applications take just as much skill as complex apps and that’s where the work comes…

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Mobile Apps for Business Changed the World


Mobile Apps for Business Just think about the mobile apps you use every day and you will quickly realize that mobile apps for business have literally changed the world.   Customized and Personalized Mobile apps for business offer users personalized content and are much faster than mobile websites. Your users can have push notifications and…

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