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Mobile Apps for Business with Bluestone Apps


If you have decided that mobile apps would be good for your brand talk to Bluestone. Bluestone  is the best app builder in the business and can take you from the idea stage to launch and success. If you want an application but have no idea where to start Bluestone is the only name to…

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Changing Lives every Day with Mobile Apps


Mobile apps can change your life, but can also change the lives of the people around you and people all over the planet. Think of Facebook, Twitter, Zoom and YouTube and you will soon realize that applications make the world go round. Bluestone explains that large corporations and small companies are creating applications to make…

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The Most Popular Mobile Apps on the Planet


Mobile Apps are popular. According to Bluestone, Zoom secured the top of the leader board for the most downloaded apps in 2020. Below is a list of the top eight downloads. 1. Zoom 2. WhatsApp 3. Facebook 4. Messenger 5. Instagram 6. Google Meet 7. Aarogya Setu 8. YouTube What Makes a Good Mobile App?…

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