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Telehealth and Telemedicine is here and now it’s taking over the medical industry.


But before we get into that.

Read the latest news,trends and facts below and see for your self.


Telehealth, Telemedicine, Teledentistry, Televeterinary, Video Calls, and more!

Current trends in telehealth and telemedicine


Steep growth in physician adoption. ...
Health systems riding the virtual wave. ...
Flexible scheduling options. ...
Reducing administrative tasks. ...
Increasing access to care. ...
Improving reimbursement. ...
Reducing risk. ...
Continuing licensure challenge.
Putting the medicine back in telemedicine

Insourcing over outsourcing. ...
Expanding direct-to-consumer (DTC) models. ...
Vertical growth. ...
Hospital to home. ...
Teleparamedicine. ...
Remote patient monitoring (RPM). ...
Tighter cybersecurity.


Telemedicine Emerging a Necessity in the Fight Against COVID-19

While it used to be more for convenience a few months ago, doctors say now, it's become a necessity. NBCDFW

President Trump signed a $8.3 billion coronavirus response bill last week, with a major element involving the expansion of telehealth. The measure allows Medicare to cover many more older patients who engage in virtual visits with doctors, from their home.

The move comes at a time when telemedicine could be more urgent than ever before.


Telemedicine Emerges as Care Option During COVID-19 Outbreak NBC Los Angeles

To Keep Seniors Safe at Home, Medicare Expands Telemedicine NBC New York

How to use your smartphone for telehealth visits FOX News

Demand for telehealth services soars during COVID-19 pandemic Fox News

7 ways to Increase Revenues with a Telehealth App for your practice

  • 1 Bill for uncompensated phone calls.
  • 2 Attract more patients with convenient care.
  • 3 Retain your current patients.
  • 4 Compete against local retail clinics and urgent care.
  • 5 Reduce no-shows.
  • 6 Optimize practice efficiency and patient flow
  • 7 Offer extended hours or after-hours services, from home.

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