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We create designs and features with your crew!

Help your clients find the perfect temp workers – Virtual interviews, job matching, in-app navigation and more!

App screens show Jobs Map, Applicant Profile, and Find Jobs app features on an iPhone X.

Utilize a custom-branded app to match your clients with ideal applicants. We design and build custom features for your agency - increase customer satisfaction while saving time and money!

App screens show View Applicants and Video Interview app features on an iPhone X.

Make the right match the first time!

Let your clients sort through and view your temp workers’ profiles - They’ll only see those who are qualified so they can immediately choose the perfect match.

Our firm understands the cost of employee turnover

Our current staff at Bluestone Apps is the best we’ve ever assembled, but it came at a cost! Finding the right crew is not easy and is certainly not cheap. 

The role you fill in helping others save time and money is vital, and so we’d like to return the favor. 

We’ve built mobile apps for temp agencies like yours and have seen how effective modern technology can be in your efforts to boost revenue and growth while cutting on costs and wasted time.

Commomn issues for Temp Agencies

"We look bad and lose money when our clients aren't satisfied with our temp workers."

App screen shows Find Jobs app features on an iPhone X.

Don’t play a guessing game – allow clients to view your temp workers’ profiles.

Simple, easy-to-use social sharing options increase efficiency and revenue by allowing your clients to view your workers based on their experience, location, education, availability, and affordability.

Remove all surprises – let your workers view a complete job description.

Being able to view and share in-depth job descriptions and requirements with your workers helps your agency find the right fit every time.

Increase satisfaction – find or restrict jobs based on location.

Allow clients and workers to explain their preferences for things like location and commute time, and create the best matches based off of these important factors.

“Appointments, interviews, and meetings are some of the most expensive and time consuming aspects of our daily operations.”

App screen shows Video Interview app features on an iPhone X.

Decrease wasted time and expenses – connect your clients and workers virtually.

Save time and money for everyone by allowing your clients to conduct face-to-face interviews anytime, anywhere.

Generate growth opportunities – Innovate the interview process.

Let your clients create a list of questions that your workers can answer with a video recording. No scheduling necessary!

Save time spent on in-person meetings with temp workers and stewards.

This feature lets you schedule video check-ins and cuts down on time your temp agency reps spend on-site.

BONUS: Read more common issues, and see the app features that solve them.

As a special bonus, everyone who books an appointment will receive special content about app features and functions that solve time and money issues for temp agencies like yours.

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