The Importance of Having an Epic Business Logo

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Your Start-Up’s Checklist

Okay, business owners, c’ mon! Let’s start checking off this list:

Do your research… Check!
Make a plan… Check!
Plan your finances… Checkity Check!
Choose a business structure… Uhh, Check!
Pick and register your business name… Double Check!
Get licenses and permits… Check!
Choose your accounting system… Check!
Set up your business location… Aaaand, Check!

Now, would you look at that? It seems as though you’ve nearly completed the process of establishing your business. And while you may feel as though everything’s in order, did you happen to notice that one of the most important steps in establishing an up-and-coming business is MIA?… Think about what’s missing here…

That’s right! You guessed it! Where… in… the… worrrld is your business LOGO? (Whoops-a-daisy, guess that should’ve been on your checklist…)

The Importance of Your Logo

Every successful business owner knows that a well-designed logo is a vital step in running a successful company. It’s how a business represents itself and makes its mark in a highly visual world. A brand is practically a living, breathing thing, and the logo puts a face to the name.

Whether we realize it or not, we often react emotionally (and even physically) to advertising logos. Ever notice that magically nostalgic feeling when you see Disney’s logo? What about feeling that We Are Not Alone when you see NASA’s logo? Think about Coca-Colas’ red ribbons of deliciousness tempting you to have a cold, refreshing drink. All of these are perfect examples of what a well-designed and powerful logo can do for a company’s brand.

So, Where Did Logos Start?

But still, why are logos so important to the growth of a business? Come to think of it, where did the idea of a logo even come from, in the first place?

Well, come to find out (this surprised us, even!) it all began way back in the year 4000 B.C., in ancient Egypt! (I know right?!) Who would’ve thought that the development of hieroglyphics would be the world’s first official set of logos?

You see, ancient Egyptians would use hieroglyphs as a system of writing; a variety of symbols would represent words, sounds, and ideas. Their images were used to communicate in everyday society; the same way modern logos represent brands today.

What Do You Need to Know?

Now, do you have to break out the ole’ hammer and chisel to get started on that epic logo of yours? Ehhh, maybe not. What you SHOULD do though, is start researching and define your audience. You want to have a solid idea of exactly what is “attractive” to your audience. Do some research on the tastes and interests of your audience that way you can create a logo that is appealing to them.

Remember: Your logo is the first thing people will see, it reflects your company and its entire being. It’s important to keep things simple when designing your logo, but also, pay good attention to any negative space and composition. Use that space to your advantage.

Also, regardless of the logo size, it should remain legible at all times. Whether your logo is on a business card or a billboard, it should always maintain the details. You want to be wise in your font decisions and adapt a typeface. Fonts are fonts but when you can change up the typeface and throw your own personal twist on there, it becomes unique and stimulating. (Like uh, who isn’t tired of Lobster Font already?) Don’t be “that guy”, instead, create a distinguished logo.

Colors! They evoke certain feelings and emotions in people and this should be considered when designing your logo. That being said, create a couple of compositional alternative logos. Think about a colored version, even black and white; your logo should work either way. Just be sure to remain consistent and proportional at all times.

Get Some Feedback!

Okay, now last but not least, get some feedback on your logo. You can go to co-workers, close friends and family to get honest feedback on what you got. Getting another point-of-view on your creation can help to strengthen your logo design, as they may notice something you hadn’t before. Don’t “get married” to a specific logo design, always be open to changes (as there will be) and keep pushing until you come up with “The One”!


We Will Help!

So, let’s put a face to that name of yours! The Bluestone team knows all about logo design and we are excited to meet with you. All you have to do is shoot us an email at or give us a ring at 615-209-9680 and together, we’ll take your business on the adventure of a lifetime!