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We create designs and features with your crew

Let your dealership show off its hottest vehicles — videos, messaging, galleries, and more.


Let your customers see and interact with your sales team in a custom-branded app, with options made just for your dealership — set appointments and build a brand in-app.


Stop wasting time and money on unkept appointments.

Let your customers look through your dealership’s flashy image and video galleries, select their preferred vehicles or services, and then easily schedule their appointment in-app.

Our app firm has used car dealership workers in management.

We have worked with used car lots across the country in fact, a few team members at Bluestone Apps, including management, have worked on used car lots.

We build apps just for used car dealerships. We get the obstacles you, your staff, and your customers run into.

We get that a successful used car lot has time and money on the line, and we deeply understand how technology can strongly boost your efforts to increase revenue, cut time, cut costs, and continue growth.

Common Used Car Lot Issue #1

"We should be growing so much faster with the amount of safe and stylish vehicles we have.”


Show off your lot’s inventory with flashy videos and photo galleries.

Videos, images, and descriptions are easily uploaded and available to customers — increasing revenue and lowering vehicle listing costs.

Save time with organized scheduling & administrative features — simplify your appointment scheduling process.

You can’t afford to risk losing or damaging customer information and paperwork keep customers’ information neat and orderly, even when scheduling months in advance.

Grow your used car lot and watch your customers pour in — bringing more revenue with them.

People will establish an opinion of your company just by looking at your website or mobile app — this can make or break your company. A professional, personalized, and user-friendly app builds trust, drives new loyal customers in, and keeps them.

Common Used Car Lot Issue #2

“Time management is difficult. I’m always looking for more efficient ways to schedule and maintain appointments.”


Save time by planning ahead and generate business growth by keeping customers in the loop.

Plan hours, days and even months in advance. Help keep customers informed with push notifications for new inventory, maintenance and trade-in reminders.

Cut down on phone time — let customers submit questions and request a response.

Stop wasting valuable time and money on the phone searching for answers to customer’s questions. Let customers submit their inquiries in-app while you call back with answers already in hand.

Increase kept appointments with push notifications.

People forget, plain and simple. With automated push notifications you can remind your customers and sales staff alike of their scheduled appointments when life gets busy. A simple swipe of the finger can confirm and keep an appointment.

BONUS: Read more common issues, and see the app features that solve them.

As a special bonus, everyone who books an appointment will receive special content about app features and functions that solve time and money issues for used car lot professionals just like you.

Plus, our most popular used car lot app case study: “Car Dealer — Used Car Lot Apps We Build for Clients”

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