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Web App Development Services

You may have heard of web apps, or web app development services in the past. Essentially, a web app is an app that runs remotely and is off of your end users mobile phone entirely. Instead, a web app is stored on a separate server and delivered to your end user over the internet. If you are looking to build a professional and dynamic web application, partner with our team of professionals at Bluestone Apps.


What is a Web App?

If you are looking into web apps and thinking, “that sounds like a website, so what’s the difference?”, you are on the right track. Web applications function very similarly to traditional websites in that they are housed online, and your visitors will need to access it through their browser. The difference is that a web app is uniquely able to provide a dynamic and interactive experience that is tailored to each user. Whereas a website may only consist of the same static content that is presented the same way to each user every time, a web app can function similarly to a mobile app by including shopping carts, spreadsheets and more to deliver a much more interactive experience.


Web apps and PWAs are able to achieve their versatility by using a combination of server side scripts like PHP and ASP, in tandem with client side scripts like Javascript and HTML. Using both allows a web app to simultaneously handle the storage and retrieval of information remotely, and present it to the user. Web apps can be designed for a variety of uses and can be used by anyone regardless of their operating system. In short, as long as your potential customers have an internet connection and a web browser, they can use your web app! 


What is the Difference Between a Web App and a PWA

At Bluestone Apps, we can even take it a step further with a Progressive Web App (PWA). If you are concerned that your app will not be housed on your user’s phone and can be easily forgotten about, we have the solution for you. A progressive web app (PWA), is a method of web app development that allows your web app to look and feel just like a native mobile app. Essentially, a PWA is an icon on your user’s home screen that functions as a button to take them directly to your web app. Keeping your web app in its own native “container” can keep your app on the forefront of everyone’s mind when they use their phone, so no users will be lost. 


Why Use a Web App for my Business?

The most immediate benefit of a web app for your business that you will notice is its independence. Web apps do not need to be tied to the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. So long as your users have a web browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari they will be able to access your app without having to download it. Because of this, you can be sure that all of your users are getting the exact same experience with no compatibility issues. Whether your users are interacting with your app via mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, you can be sure they are all enjoying the same version. 


Web apps for businesses capture the need for an online presence in a digital age. They provide a streamlined experience for sharing and storing information, online shopping, or any function you program it for!   


Web App Development Services with Bluestone Apps

When making the decision to develop their app, it is important for business owners to ask themselves what their needs are, and what they are looking to get out of it. What specific features do you need your app to perform? Is it important to you that your app can be downloaded? Most importantly, what does your budget look like? Our team at Bluestone Apps is dedicated to building you the best app possible to suit the needs of your business. If you are looking into building an app and think that web app development is the way to go, our team of professionals will happily advise you, and create a plan to execute your vision. 


Our team has been building web apps and progressive web apps for some of the best companies since 2011. Bluestone is a premier application development company. We provide mobile and web solutions to a global clientele on all major mobile platforms. Come to us with a dream, and we’ll provide you a solution to make it happen! Get started with your web app development services today! 

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