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Web Design & Development


Our team goes above and beyond by offering best-in-class web experiences. From content and design to beta tests and launch, we know what it takes to make a great website.


Web Design

We have a powerful design team with a golden track record. We base our design concepts off of audience and competitor research, best practices in UX/UI, and deep user workflow planning. We start with the homepage, the most important page to design, and we work through your important cornerstone pages. From strong Calls-To-Action to elegant and cohesive branding, we do it all.


Web Development

We look beyond the typical website launch by deep diving with you into user workflows, content strategy, design concepts, and effective marketing. We create beautiful, engaging websites on easy-to-manage platforms, and all clients receive hands-on training to elevate their new website to the next level.


Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is one of the most important reasons to use a top-notch firm like Bluestone Apps. We highly value the mobile user, especially since mobile users have taken the market share for viewing websites compared against traditional desktops. We always put the mobile user experience first, and we focus on responsive web design and development so that mobile pages always look great and load fast.


Search Engine Optimization

We always build website platforms that include search engine optimization built in. We also provide an admin interface with training on how to customize search engine settings, like search engine optimization for images, meta descriptions, and more - all so that you can put your best SEO foot forward when search engines crawl your website.


Web Hosting

We work with a variety of web hosting needs. While we host many of our clients on our own servers, we will also work with your hosting if you have your own servers, and we work with scalable cloud solutions like Amazon AWS. No matter where you are hosted, we will be able to support your website with security and maintenance updates.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are at the cutting edge of website technology. In many ways, your website can act and react like a real mobile app, including saving downloadable content, GPS features, highly performant and speedy experiences, and more. Our team specializes in developing websites into full PWAs.


Custom API Integrations

We work with all types of API and integrations, and have successfully integrated for thousands of clients using hundreds of different platforms. Whether you need to connect your website to SalesForce or another CRM, integrate with Google Analytics, or have a more complicated need - if there is an API, we can work with it.


Support & Security

We offer comprehensive managed hosting and support services, with a watchful security team and a full support desk. Our clients highly value our support process, which includes immediate confirmation sent by email and support ticket tracking features. We offer 24/7 support around the clock, and we prioritize urgent and priority issues to the front of the line.

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