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5 Reasons Your eCommerce Store Needs a Mobile App

A Mobile App Has
Distinct Advantages over Mobile Websites

Manage your App from Your WooCommerce Admin
- No separate login needed.


1. Ease of use and better user experience

Users stay logged in to the app
Ease of Shopping
Higher user satisfaction
Simpler navigation and experience

2. Access to phone-native features

Camera access
- Upload images and documents
- Scan barcodes
- Add selfie or other images

GPS and Navigation
- Admin view of Customers locations
- Store map with navigation
- Store locators

Augmented Realty
- View products on a user or area
- Simulated products in use
- Video and images with user inserted

App can be used offline
- Orders are placed and saved

3. Using mobile apps as a marketing channel

Deliver unified omnichannel experience

Social media integration 
- combines channels of customer engagement

Customer preferences saved in the app
- leads to tailored content displayed to relevant customers

Geofencing and Push Notifications
- users device directly receives the alerts
- offers sent to all users or a designated group
- when the user is near a physical store
- special offers sent only to specific geographic locations

4. Seamless checkout with multiple payment options


Ease of checkout process

Interactive Checkout

Mobile wallet for quick checkout

Fast transaction processing

Frictionless Checkout

5. Incorporation of advanced tech for interactive customer experience

Fingerprint scan

Facial Recognition

Tracking of user product views

Chatbots with search help 

Personalized shopping assistants

Augmented Reality

Virtual Realty

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Features of Woocommerce Mobile App:

  • All products from your shop would appear in your mobile app
  • All your admin tasks are performed in your current WooCommerce dashboard
  • Customer orders from the app are sent directly to your current shop
  • Customers can manage their account in the app or your current shop
  • Customer accounts are synced with the app and your current shop
  • Customers would receive push notifications in the app of order updates
  • You can send push notifications or SMS to your customers from your current admin
  • You can schedule push notifications of sales or new products to your app users Your new mobile app will be customized to use the same appearance and theme as your current WooCommerce shop that you are using now.

Push Notifications - SMS - Sales Alerts - Product Announcements


If you are not using a mobile app for your customers to make purchases, your company is losing sales.
That's just the facts not our opinion.


The problem is that you don't have the time or resources to manage your current online shop and a separate mobile app for customer purchases.

Here at Bluestone Apps, we have been working with WooCommerce since its beginning and have developed a mobile app that integrates and syncs completely with your current eCommerce shop


Available WooCommerce Add-on Features:

  • Wish list
  • Guest checkout
  • Abandoned cart followup
  • Custom emails - Sales, Upsells, Customer Surveys
  • Discount Coupons
  • Gift Cards and eCards
  • Subscriptions
  • Digital Sales and Paid Downloads
  • Custom Features of your Desires

We would also be happy to schedule a call and demo for your new app at no cost or obligation.

You can schedule a demo meeting here:

With our 10 years experience with WooCommerce, If you are in the need of new features in your shop we have many available


Talk with a WooCommerce Expert - No Oblication

Bluestone Apps