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Your Gaming App Could be the Next Big Thing

Your Gaming App Could be the Next Big Thing

Let’s jump to the point here, if you’re thinking about creating a mobile gaming app, your game will be standing against millions. So in order to give it a chance, you’ll need to add some flavor and variety that your audience couldn’t possibly pass up. It may not seem so easy at first but hang in there, let’s first find your starting point.

Where Do You Start?

Ok, so before you start developing your gaming app, set your technology stack straight. Now, this doesn’t exactly mean you have to learn Java, HTML, and CSS. If you know how to program you may have an advantage, but if you don’t, it’s okay, just pick some standard tools. For instance, you could begin by downloading an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). However, before you start the app’s development, let’s go ahead and complete the groundwork for your gaming app.

1 – Envision an Idea

While it’s true that app stores are bursting with gaming apps, most seem to lack creativity and uniqueness. That being said, take the time to brainstorm with your team and come up with an astonishing idea that will keep users bewitched. Once you have an idea of how to do so, 50% of your task will have been completed.

There really isn’t an “easy” way to establish your idea; you must always start by analyzing what’s popular and trending in the gaming market. Likewise, the answer to creating a gaming app may not be simple, as it will require a lot of observation and analysis. For instance, you may come across an app idea that just needs a touch of the latest technology, (like AR/VR) to make it an instant hit. Now, mind you, no idea gets the “go-ahead” on the first try. Just keep improving your idea until you bring it to it’s best point.

2 – Imagine a Story

I’m sure you’ve most likely heard of the gaming app Clash of Clans, this game generated an abundance of downloads mostly because the game has a story to tell. Now, this here should be the easiest part of any game development strategy. Creating an engaging story that keeps players wondering what happens next plays a pivotal role in its popularity, so be creative!

If the characters in your game set the story appropriately then you have overcome yet another hurdle in creating a successful gaming app.

3 – Keep it Simple & Addictive

A game with simple controls goes a long way. Always be sure the control elements are easily accessible for each screen size. If you really want to keep players glued, make sure gameplay:

  • Isn’t too long.
  • Has rises in level difficulty.
  • Presents unlockable points and prizes upon completion of challenges.

4 – Design Something Magnificent

Enchanting players isn’t exactly easy when they have lots of options. So it’s important to remember that while designing a game, the designer needs to establish:

  • Characters
  • Story
  • Art
  • Gaming Experience

As one could imagine, creating a game design is much more complicated than that of a typical app. As a result, history has borne witness to many brilliant game ideas that failed to satisfy due to bad design. 

Size is also an important consideration when designing a gaming app. More often than not, to render good user experiences, screens should never be littered with design elements. Instead, graphics should go hand-in-hand with the logic of the gameplay.

5 – Find a Monetization Strategy

Developing a gaming app requires resources such as talent and hosting. Now keep in mind, all these elements come with a dollar cost. So if you plan to earn from your game, choosing the premium way is not your only choice.

You can still earn with a freemium model however it’s important to have a monetization policy in place when deciding how to design your gaming app.


The best way to monetize your game is by integrating a pay-per-click revenue model. Whenever players click a video or an ad-link, you’ll get paid. You can also allow users to download an ad-free version; you’ll make money off in-app purchases while they enjoy ad-free play.


The popularly known ‘in-app purchases’ are a great way to keep players glued to the game while your app makes you money. So when players are offered an option to buy gems to unlock levels, they’re provided competitive advantages for the cost of a dollar.

Keep in mind, when creating a gaming app, you should always include a consistent stream of income, let your new game lead the way.

Limited Levels

If you’ve completed the fundamental elements of your gaming app and have an addictive game ready to launch, try offering a freemium model. Do so by letting users enjoy your game for a few levels. If players wish to continue playing after a certain level, they’ll need to make a payment. Now, if your game is successfully addictive get ready to start counting all that money.


Which Gaming Apps Sell?

1 – Puzzles & Word Gaming Apps

Puzzle games are among the most popular genre in games. From simple jigsaw puzzles to mathematical puzzles, brain-teasers make up the highest percentage of engagement.

Millions of users are solving puzzles and games like these have a maximum shelf life. So any remaining questions you may have on making a gaming app should be answered once you discover which genre your game fits into.

2 – Casual Gaming Apps

Games like Talking Tom have a low learning curve and keeps players amused. These types of games have easy-to-follow rules and typically find a lasting home within users’ smartphones.

3 – Strategic Gaming Apps

The success of games such as Clash Royale is proof that strategic games are a sensation. While answering questions on how to make a gaming app, a developer’s emphasis is on strategy building in real-time. Such games create a sense of urgency among the players with a highly addictive model.

4 – Arcade Gaming Apps

Arcade games have been leading the exceedingly competitive mobile gaming landscape. These games are generally easy to build as they don’t require a story. Instead, they focus more on the variety and difficulty of the levels.

These types of games offer simple yet competitive gameplay; arcade games carry a nostalgic feeling that produces a lot of attention among gaming lovers.


With this in-depth gaming app guide, you are now well-equipped to enter the game development realm. Always be sure to do your research before you set out on your gaming app adventure!

Remember: Your game or story doesn’t need to be too intricate, even a simple game like Angry Birds can produce millions. All you have to do is come up with a great idea and deliver flawlessly simple gameplay to players… This is the strategy for a successful game.

For additional guidance on building your gaming app, contact Bluestone Apps; with over 23 years experience, we have your solution.

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