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Requesting your ride is only a 2 step process. Open the Rideshare App and tell us where you want to go. You’ll be able to see a picture of your driver, get vehicle details as well as track the driver. The Rideshare App will guide you to the nearest corner to meet up with your driver, so if other passengers are present, they never have to go far out of their way. When the ride is all over and paid for, you’ll receive a receipt by email.

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Request a Specific Driver

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Request the Type of Vehicle

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Rate Your Driver and Ride Experience

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Make Payments Easily with Cash or Credit Card

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Female Passengers can
Request a Female Driver for Safety and Comfortability

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SOS Precautions available for Emergency Situations

Rideshare App

Need extra money? Have a flexible schedule? Like to drive? Are you a people-person? You could transform your spare time into an employment opportunity with the Rideshare App. Why not help people get to places they need to be? There is no set schedule, no bosses’ office to walk into and you get to go wherever you want to go when you want to go.

Then download the Rideshare App and start earning money in your spare time! Be your own boss with no committed schedule. Register to drive with the Rideshare App. There’s a low-cost fee and no experience is needed. We’ll help navigate through the steps and contact you when you’re ready to drive.


Fares Are Predetermined

Fares are predetermined so it’s easy to monitor how much you’ve earned after every trip. Cash-out whenever you want! Passengers can specially request your services and can see your expected arrival time.

The Rideshare App is driver-friendly and easy to use. Support tools are available throughout the app to request help, ask questions and report problems.

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Rideshare App is available for iOS and Android in the Apple and Google Play store.


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