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7 Industries That Should Have Mobile Apps

If you have an idea for a service oriented mobile app, or any other type of mobile app for that matter, talk to the team from Bluestone Mobile Apps.

Since 2011, Bluestone has been developing and designing some of the best apps in the world and can help you develop yours as well.

Below is a list of industries that have seen massive growth since incorporating application technology into their business models.

1. Healthcare and Fitness

Leading the pack when it comes to mobile apps is the healthcare industry. However, with more than 1,000 fitness and health applications available you must develop an app that gives people what they want. From insurance options to weight loss and exercise, the healthcare and fitness industry mobile applications are very popular.

2. Financial Institutions and Mobile Apps

Thanks to recent developments, banks and other financial institutions are able to give customers services that only used to be available via email, phone or in person. Activities such as account status, money transfers, and paying bills are all available using mobile apps.

3. Entertainment and Gaming Applications

Entertainment and gaming applications are extremely popular. If you have an idea for an application that gives people the opportunity to have some fun, you just might have a winner. According to Bluestone, Smartphone users spend 15 percent of time on media, entertainment, and music applications.

4. Travel and Tourism

The travel industry has become bigger and better because of mobile applications. With thirty percent of mobile users booking hotels and plane tickets online, you must have an app if you are in the travel and tourism business. Travel related applications are number seven when it comes to the most downloaded applications.

5. Apps that Educate

With today’s climate, mobile learning is the norm. Educational applications have made it possible for everyone to learn during the pandemic. Bluestone explains that E-learning is a trend that doesn’t seem to be losing steam. Learning and educations mobile apps can also be personalized reducing geographic boundaries.

6. Food and Hospitality Mobile Apps

With a retail value of over 495 billion, the hotel industry is on fire. As a service industry, food service applications are changing the way people dine and buy groceries as well. Whether you have a small grocery store a successful B & B or a large take out restaurant, it really is the only way to go.

7. Retail Mobile Apps

It’s rare for a retail outlet not to have a mobile application, especially in this day and age. They play a huge role in the retail industry as they allow businesses to understand customers and their preferences. Brands can send notifications to clients in real time helping persuade them to buy as well.

Don’t Delay, Call Today

If you have an idea for a mobile app, don’t delay. Call or drop Bluestone Apps a line on social media. It’s a great day for an application.

Call Bluestone today.

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