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Bluestone Idea to App™


Bluestone's Idea to App™ process is our specialized way of demonstrating how we take and elevate your idea by developing an application for you from beginning to end.

Your Easy Path to Success


1. Meet

We begin our projects by assembling everyone for the purpose of introducing you to the team who will be directing your project from initiation to completion.


2. Research

The next phase consists of breaking down the components of your idea into a refined list. During this phase, we will figure out functionality and operations.


3. Sketch

Once your idea is well-researched, we start the process of sketching out an app-flow wireframe and sample screens to represent potential app design.


4. Concepts

Here, we compile and integrate all of the components to ensure that the app is set up to promote your product in the best way possible.


5. Testing

During this phase, we provide you with a working, interactive prototype of your app. Utilizing your feedback, we progress until you have a functional app.


6. Revise

To achieve quality assurance, we check and verify that any typos, mistakes, or errors are cleaned up before publishing.


7. Training

As the owner of a new app, you gain fluency in backend administrator duties as we walk you through the new system and create training videos for reference.


8. Deliver

App development with Bluestone leads to your ownership of all the assets associated with your project, which are delivered to you directly.


9. Launch!

Finally, we publish your project before the app is distributed to your users. We facilitate putting your native app in the respective app stores or moving forward with hosting your PWA/website.


10. Support

After launch, you can be assured that our hard-working team will be available to assist you with keeping your app functional and protected.


11. Scale

From an app designed for millions of users to one developed just to help your local business, Bluestone offers systems suited for every concept.

Let’s Talk.

Ready to discuss your app idea? Please complete the form below, and a concept specialist will contact you soon to discuss your project. We are looking forward to working with you!

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